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How Class Registration Works at PUC

If you’re an accepted student for this coming fall but aren’t sure how to go about registering for classes, look no further! This blog post is for you.

Pay Your Enrollment Fee
At this point, the most important thing for you to do is pay your $150 enrollment fee. This lets us know you’re committed to attending PUC and it reserves your spot in classes, once you register for them. You can pay the fee online or by calling PUC’s cashier at 707.965.7530. If you decide PUC isn’t the right fit for you, the fee is completely refundable before September 1st.

Register for Classes
Once you pay your enrollment fee, you’re eligible to register for classes. For new freshmen, this means working with your Enrollment Counselor or to get your perfect class schedule, where your first class is only at 10 AM and you never have class on Fridays. It doesn’t hurt to dream! Your Counselor will do their best to get you the classes you want, but keep in mind some things just might not be possible. And we don’t want to alarm you, but the longer you wait to register for classes, the harder it is to get the schedule you want as sections start to fill up.

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Transfer students, you get to jump a little ahead in the process and start working with your advisor for what you should register for, based upon the degree audit completed by the Records office. Don’t hesitate to ask your advisor for their input if you aren’t 100 percent sure about what to register for. You can also contact Igdaly Patel, our transfer student counselor, for assistance as well. She can be reached at or at 707.965.6422.

Talk With Your Advisor at Orientation
You will be assigned an advisor in the area you’re studying. For example, if you’re planning to study Business, your advisor will be a professor in the Business Department (helpful, right?). If you’re planning to double major, it means double the advisor fun – you get two! These professors know the ins and outs of their department’s programs and seek to have you complete your degree in four years while mentoring academic, spiritual and personal growth.

When you arrive to campus for Orientation in September, you will get a chance to meet one-on-one with your advisor and go over your fall schedule and start planning winter and spring.

Meet With Your Advisor Every Quarter
Every quarter your advisor will need to approve your class schedule. It’s a great safety net for making sure you stay on track to complete your degree!

Now that you see how easy and beneficial registering for classes can be, let’s get to it! Call 800.862.7080 option 2 or email to talk with an Enrollment Counselor about a sample class schedule, or if you already have paid your enrollment fee, to register for classes. You will thank yourself later on for getting this taken care of now!

Jenna Peña, a Pioneer On and Off the Court

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams at PUC made serious impacts on and off the court this past year. One player, Jenna Peña, has dedicated her summer to helping out with NBA point guard, Stephen Curry’s summer youth camps.

Jenna was kind enough to answer a few short questions about her incredible experience.

PUC Pioneer Jenna Pena with the NBA MVP and Champion Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors during the Stephen Curry Overnight Camp.

PUC Pioneer Jenna Peña with the NBA MVP and Champion Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors during the Stephen Curry Overnight Camp.

How long have you been working the camp?

I have been working with the Warriors for a year now, and I work with the youth basketball camps to teach the fundamentals of basketball.

Where are the camps held?

They are held all over the Bay Area. It’s really a great experience to work with the kids on their game, but also teach other values off the court.

What are some of the values that are taught to the kids involved in the camp?

We are there to provide the campers with both a positive and competitive atmosphere on and off the court. We emphasize the importance of hard work and a team-oriented mindset. We want the campers to bring out the best in themselves, which translates into everyone encouraging each other.

How is Stephen with the campers?

Steph is amazing! He is great with the campers he plays basketball with them, has meals with them and is genuinely a man of God. It truly is a blessing to see a NBA superstar so humble and with a strong connection with Christ.

For a look inside the camp, check out the video below.