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Learn About PUC’s International Requirements


There’s a lot to keep track of when applying to a college, and the process can be even more confusing if you’re an international student. We talked with Mr. Craig Philpott, the Director of Admissions, about some of the most frequently asked questions our department receives regarding international admissions to hopefully make the process more clear. 

1. What documents do international students need to submit for acceptance to PUC?

International students will need to submit the following –

  • Official transcripts showing high school graduation and official documents from all colleges attended (if any).
    • All college documents will also need to be submitted to World Education Services (WES) for independent verification/translation and evaluation for transfer credit.
  • One exam score showing the current level of English skill to verify qualification to study in English at the college level.
  • One reference; written by someone who knows the applicant but is not related to them.
  • Regarding finances, international students will need to verify that their family or sponsor has a minimum amount on deposit in an international bank to cover one full year of travel,tuition, and expenses. Currently the required amount is $47,295 USD.

2. What standardized tests do international students need to take?

If available, international students should take the SAT or ACT. If these aren’t available, they will need to verify English language skill level through a recognized English exam like the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE. In each case the official scores need to be provided to PUC directly from the exam organization.


3. What are the visa requirements for international students?

The F1 student visa is the required visa. The college will provide the required I-20 document, letter of admission, and other documents required to apply for the F1 visa only after the student has fulfilled all requirements for admission.

4. What scholarships does PUC offer for international students?

International students are eligible for the merit scholarships of PUC as published for all high school students or transfer students. PUC does offer one scholarship specific to international students; learn more at http://www.puc.edu/admissions/finance.

5. Are there any jobs on campus for international students?

Yes, PUC international students may qualify for campus employment after they apply for and receive a US social security number. Information about jobs on campus can be found at http://www.puc.edu/puc-life/student-employment/home.


6. Are international students required to declare a major?

Yes, all international students must declare a major before they are accepted to PUC. Choosing “undecided” as the major does not fulfill the requirements of the US government for issuing student visa documents.

7. What academic support is available to international students at PUC?

International students at PUC are eligible for all regular academic support as offered through the Teaching and Learning Center of the college. PUC does not offer an ESL language learning/immersion program and thus all international students must verify they can accomplish college level work in the English language.

Throughout the application process, we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office with any questions you might have at admissions@puc.edu or 800.862.7080 option 2.