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An Interview with David Bui: Campus Ministries Worship Coordinator

David Bui has the incredible privilege of curating a musical experience at PUC that elevates spiritual gatherings to a new level on campus. As worship coordinator for Campus Ministries, his role revolves around crafting the ideal setlist for events like Vespers, Week of Prayer, and GLOW. 

“I have the honor of selecting and arranging music that resonates with your heart and spirit, creating an atmosphere of reverence, reflection, and joy during Vespers,” said David. “Our Week of Prayer becomes a transformative journey as we explore faith and spirituality through the power of song. And when it’s time for GLOW, we come together in celebration and community to praise God. My year-long involvement in Campus Ministries has been a catalyst for my spiritual growth. I’m absolutely thrilled about the future that lies ahead on my spiritual journey!”

What made you want to be a part of campus ministries?

What truly captivated my heart and inspired me to become a part of Campus Ministries was the extraordinary role that music plays in this ministry. As a college student, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the power of music to connect, uplift, and inspire. It’s not just about melodies and lyrics; it’s about the connection everyone can make to God, the sense of community, and the spiritual resonance that music brings to our journey.

How do you balance team responsibilities and nursing school?

Navigating the challenging journey of a nursing student while also juggling on-campus responsibilities is difficult. However, I’ve found that the key to managing this is in the incredible support system I have. Christian De Jesus, Mika Palitang, Lily Chaffee, Kyler Vanhook, Abby Huerta, Ashley Castro, and Pastor Arturo are all big reasons why I can do both. They are not just teammates. They are my invaluable partners in organizing and planning, making the seemingly impossible- possible. Our collaboration isn’t just about dividing tasks; it’s about coming together as a unit to conquer the challenges we face. But their support doesn’t stop at planning. In times of struggle, when the weight of my nursing studies feels overwhelming, this team is there to offer a helping hand and reassurance. They understand the demanding nature of our academic pursuits and offer a sense of comfort.

What goals do you hope to accomplish with your team and campus?

As a team, our mission is pretty straightforward but incredibly impactful: We aim to enhance the spiritual lives of everyone on campus. Our goal is to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to understand who God is and hear His message through the events we organize. We believe that college life can be hectic, and it’s easy to get caught up in schooling, but that’s why we’re here, working diligently to create an atmosphere where spiritual enrichment is accessible to all. Whether you’re seeking answers, looking for a sense of belonging, or simply curious about matters of faith, we want our events to be a welcoming space where you can explore, learn, reflect, and grow.

What does being a part of the campus ministries team mean to you?

Being a part of Campus Ministries is about embracing a role beyond the surface. It means stepping into the shoes of a spiritual leader on campus, a person that anyone can turn to for guidance and support. It’s about forging connections. We’re not just here to set the stage for worship; we’re here to connect with others on a personal level. As spiritual leaders, we offer a safe space where students can come as they are, share their thoughts, doubts, and aspirations, and know they’ll be heard and supported. Being part of Campus Ministries is an opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of our fellow students. It’s about creating a beautiful worship environment, yes, but it’s also about building meaningful connections, fostering personal growth, and sowing the seeds of positivity and understanding that can transform our campus community for the better.

How can students get involved with campus spiritual life?

Getting involved with Campus Ministries is not only easy but incredibly rewarding. One of the most accessible ways to dive into Campus Ministries is by attending our exciting events. Whether it’s Vespers, a serene and reflective evening of worship, or Bible Study, where you can delve deeper into the teachings of faith- you’ll discover spaces that encourage personal growth and spiritual exploration. But we don’t just want you to be a spectator; we invite you to become an active participant in our mission. Volunteering is a fantastic way to contribute your time, energy, and skills to our collective efforts. You can join us for Vespers preparations, share your insights in Bible Study, help serve through Afterlight or bring joy and positivity to our community with GLOW. Collegiate Sabbath School is another avenue where you can connect with like-minded peers, engage in meaningful discussions, and strengthen your spiritual foundation.

What made you decide to attend PUC?

When I first committed to PUC, it was the nursing program that initially captured my attention and drove my decision to enroll. However, what I’ve discovered during my time here has not only solidified my commitment to this institution but has shaped my college experience. It’s the vibrant spiritual life at PUC that has truly kept me rooted here and enriched my journey in ways I never expected. The people I’ve met here, the friendships I’ve forged, and the mentors who’ve guided me have all played an instrumental role in helping me intimately connect with God. Amid the rigorous demands of the nursing program, I’ve discovered that the spiritual life at PUC has been an anchor, offering purpose, and a sense of belonging.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Pioneers family?

My favorite thing about being part of the Pioneers family is the strong sense of connection. What’s special here is that the relationships feel close and personal. My professors know my name and take a real interest in my progress. When I walk into places like the Grind, I can quickly strike up conversations and connect with fellow students. This sense of connection isn’t limited to the classroom; it’s everywhere on campus. Whether it’s during an event or just hanging out with friends, there’s a friendly and accepting atmosphere. Being a part of the Pioneers family means more than just studying; it means being part of a community where people genuinely care about you. It’s this warm connection that makes my college experience both educational and truly fulfilling.