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Learn About PUC’s Business Club from President Melisa Lopez

PUC’s Business Club is an organization that seeks to inspire students, have fun events, and work together with the business department. The club facilitates not only social gatherings but also opportunities for members to deepen their interest in business. The goal of the business club is to provide opportunities for members to learn about business, give back to the community, interview for internships/jobs, create fun social events for a balance of business and fun, and allow individuals to make connections.  

Senior Melisa Lopez is the club’s president this year. A high-level view of her role is to set the vision and direction of the club, provide guidance to our other club officers, and empower them to achieve their goals together. Her role also entails planning their weekly officer meetings to strategize and get everyone on the same page, assign tasks, discuss progress reports, and plan club events.  

What made you want to be involved with the club?  

Historically, the business club has been one of the biggest clubs on campus. Once COVID hit, the club quickly lost members and engagement. I wanted to be involved with the club to start it from scratch and bring it back to what it used to be, giving business students a place to not only learn about business but also make connections with each other through social events.  

What is your favorite thing about the Business Club?  

My favorite thing about the business club is watching individuals who wouldn’t normally cross paths interact and make connections at our events. I love being able to give people the opportunity to learn more about business, acquire internships and jobs, and have fun events to socialize and get their minds off school.  

Can you share any activities or events planned for this year? What do you hope to accomplish with your team?  

This year, we already had some events, such as a welcome party and an information session with AdventHealth about internship and job opportunities. We have had a pre-vespers, and we plan on having an escape room night, along with some other fun events and guest speakers. Our biggest event of the year, which we are tirelessly working on, is our Tahoe Ski trip, which we hope to have during the winter quarter.  

How can students get involved? 

Students can get involved in our club by coming out to the events we host! On our Instagram page @businessclubpuc, we announce all our upcoming events! Not all events are member-exclusive, so we encourage everyone to come out when they are not member-exclusive!  

What are the benefits of being a part of this club? 

The benefits of being a part of PUC’s Business Club are the connections you make with individuals around you, as well as the benefit of hearing our guest speakers, share their knowledge. We also hope to announce some of our partnerships soon, which will offer local internships and opportunities to give back to the community.  

What do you want the PUC community to know about the Business Club? 

This club is not just for business students- we have a diverse group of members from theology majors, psychology majors, and even biology majors. Everyone can use some business knowledge, so we recommend joining our club for the opportunity to hear from some spectacular individuals, as well as have some fun at social events!