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PUC Offers the College Support You Need

Starting college can be challenging, but at Pacific Union College, we have great resources in place to help students succeed. There are several invaluable resources and support services at your disposal when you’re a PUC student and if you’re struggling with something, it’s important to remember you aren’t alone. There are people in place who are available to answer your questions or provide you with additional information—you just need to ask for help.

What tutoring is available at PUC?

Yes! Our Teaching & Learning Center offers free group tutoring in over 25 different subjects, ranging from business to languages to science. Most lower-division GE courses have tutoring options available. If you’re struggling with a class but don’t see a tutoring option available, talk with the helpful TLC staff and they can set you up with a small group or an individual tutor. There’s also a writing lab available to students who would like input and direction on writing papers—it’s a great service and one you should absolutely take advantage of!

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What can I do at the library besides study and check out books?

In the age of Google, a lot of people think libraries are obsolete, but that’s definitely not the case! At PUC’s Nelson Memorial Library, books reside there of course, but also online databases, academic search engines, journal articles, and periodicals. Through the library, students have access to over 30,000 journals and 100,000 ebooks, and over four million books through interlibrary loan services. If you need to use a computer, there are also about 60 public workstations available within the library and the computer lab areas, along with large group study rooms if you need a place to study with friends for that Anatomy test. There are also very knowledgeable librarians available to help you navigate all of these resources, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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Is there someone who can help me with registering for classes?

Once you’re a student at PUC, you will be assigned an advisor in the area you’re studying. For example, if you’re planning to study business, your advisor will be a professor in the department of business (helpful, right?). Your advisor knows the ins and outs of their department’s programs and will be a valuable source for any questions you have about what classes you should take, what major you should consider for your career path, and more. Every quarter your advisor will need to approve your schedule, which is a great safety net for making sure you stay on track to complete your degree! For undecided students, the TLC has an undeclared student advisor who will work with you on what general education classes to take while you figure out what to major in.

If I don’t know what I want to study, is there someone at PUC who can help me?

Some of you may not know what you plan to study yet, and PUC’s Career & Counseling Center can help you figure out the path you want to be on. They have a career counselor who can give you a career test and one-on-one help with career counseling. If already you have an idea of what career you want but aren’t sure how to get there, they can help you with your resume, cover letter, and even conduct some mock job interviews with you. There’s also an annual Career Fair, held every winter quarter, where you can meet with professionals from many different industries to network and learn more about the possibilities available after college. It’s a great event to provide you with a chance to see how your education at PUC can help you continue on to new and exciting places.

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What services are there if I get sick?

Did you know PUC has a free health clinic available to students? It’s true! Health Services provides students with a wide array of services, including appointments with a physician, physician’s assistant, or a nurse, along with medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), medical supplies, and diagnostic in-clinic testing. The Health Services clinic strives to be a welcoming professional place offering the highest quality of care possible, and wants your experience here at PUC to be a happy and healthy one! We are so thankful to have the clinic on our campus to provide our students with excellent care when they need it.

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If you have questions about the student resources and support services available to PUC students, you can talk with one of our knowledgeable admissions counselors, who can give you more information. Call (800) 862-7080, option 2 or email admissions@puc.edu to get connected with a counselor now.

Get to Know PUC’s Career & Counseling Center

By Becky St. Clair

For most of us, major life changes (such as starting college) bring stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. This is normal. So is not really knowing what to do about it.

For PUC students, help is only a short walk across campus. The Career & Counseling Center provides students with a variety of services to help you get your feet under you, regain your confidence, and step bravely into the next phase of your life. Here’s what you need to know:

There’s nothing wrong with seeing a counselor.

Most students who utilize counseling services at PUC do so in order to work through some problem areas that are disrupting their lives in some way. There’s nothing embarrassing about seeking guidance from someone who can help you find sure footing in an unsure situation; in fact, it’s wise to utilize the resources available to you.

Seeking counseling isn’t a sign of weakness.

Those of us raised in individualistic societies (such as the U.S.) find it very difficult to seek help, even when we know we need it. Confronting (or even admitting) problem areas and taking responsibility for your life takes a great deal of emotional and psychological strength.

Counseling isn’t expensive.

In fact, at PUC, it’s free! While the usual rate for counseling services is $75-$125 per hour (or more!), the Career & Counseling Center provides short-term counseling (1-6 sessions) free of charge to PUC students.

PUC counselors are professionals.

They’re not just pretend, and they’re not here for show. All of the counselors in the Career & Counseling Center are certified and have legitimate counseling experience out in the “real world” beyond the borders of PUC and Angwin.

The Career & Counseling Center can help you look good to employers.

The “career” part of the center’s name comes into play in a huge way. PUC’s career counselor is available for students to discuss career options, self-assessments, goals, and job-seeking strategies. The center provides resources for developing effective interview and resume-writing skills, how to write cover letters, and more.

They can also help you get a job.

The career counselor arranges for recruiters from professional schools, businesses, industries, technological firms, and other organizations regularly visit PUC to interview graduating seniors for work opportunities. The annual internship fair connects students with potential internships both locally and at home—internships that could potentially turn into jobs.

You can decide on a career path.

It’s not a lost cause, and it’s not impossible. Our career counselor can administer several assessments for personality, skills, interests, and potential career tracks. With this information in hand, you and your counselor can determine the future that best suits your passions, values, and skills.

You’re still in control.

The counselors’ job is to listen to your concerns, frustrations, and struggles, then help you explore solutions or directions. Once you have chosen your goal, your counselor will help you get there.

To schedule an appointment or to simply learn more about the resources available to you, contact the Career & Counseling Center by calling (707) 965-7080 or emailing either career@puc.edu or counseling@puc.edu.