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Academic Spotlight: Interesting Classes at PUC

While you will obviously take many classes for the major you end up studying, one thing you may not know about college is you will also need to take general education classes as well. What are general education requirements? Essentially, it’s classes that cover basic ideas and concepts PUC wants all of its graduates to know, like English, history, religion, etc. It amounts to approximately 23 courses (68-79 hours) for students studying bachelor of science degrees and 24-27 courses (72-97 hours) for those studying bachelor of arts degrees. You can read “What on Earth are General Education Requirements?!” to learn more.

We thought it would be fun to highlight some of the different and unique classes at PUC students may be able to take to fulfill their GE requirements or simply take as an elective.

  • AVIA 101: Intro to Aviation
  • AGRI 212: Home Greenhouse Gardening
  • AGRI 213: Organic Vegetable Gardening
  • BIOL 227: Natural History of California
  • BIOL 331: Marine Science
  • BUAD 118: Personal Money Management
  • CHEM 210: Laboratory Glassblowing
  • COMM 105: Introduction to Communication
  • JOUR 110: Current Issues in the Media
  • JOUR 350: Campus Chronicle Production
  • ECED 181: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC 101: Introduction to Teaching
  • DRMA 229: Acting Fundamentals
  • ENGL 210: Bay Area Theater
  • ENGL 212: Shakespeare in Performance
  • WRIT 313: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ESAC 160: Fencing
  • ESAC 178: Canoeing
  • ESTH 365: Outdoor Experience
  • HIST 360: Adventist Heritage
  • PLSC 124: Introduction to American Government
  • MUHL 105:Survey of Music
  • EMER 104: Emergency Medical Technician
  • EMER 180: Fundamentals of Technical Rescue I
  • NURS 110: Introduction to Nursing
  • HLTH 101: Introduction to Allied Health Professions
  • PSYC 121: General Psychology
  • SOWK 121: Introduction to Social Work
  • RELB 180: Introduction to the Old Testament
  • RELB 190: Introduction to the New Testament
  • RELB 230: Psalms and Wisdom Literature
  • RELB 250: Parables of Jesus
  • RELB 328: Jesus and the Gospels
  • ARTD 130: Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • ARTF 212: Ceramics I
  • ARTH 260: History of World Cinema
  • ARTP 150: Black & White Photography Fundamentals
  • MDIA 152: Introduction to Filmmaking

Hopefully, you’re getting excited about college and the prospect of taking classes more aligned with your interests. This list should give you some great ideas of classes you could take your first year at PUC, or options for future years. Class registration starts in just a few days on April 4, so start thinking now about what you want to take. If you haven’t paid your $200 enrollment fee yet (it’s required before registering for classes), visit puc.edu/alreadyaccepted or call (707) 965-7530 to pay now so you can be ready to register!