Students Just Love Our Professors!

Students hang out with Professor Michelle Rai at a local coffee shop.

Hilarious. Caring. Inspirational. Helpful. These are just a few of the many kind words used to describe our faculty on We know we’re biased, but we think we have some of the greatest faculty around, and it’s great to see students share our opinions too! We thought we would take a moment to share some of what students are saying about our amazing faculty.

Dr. Robert Wilson, associate professor of chemistry
“Dr. Wilson is not the Michael Jordan of chemistry. Michael Jordan is the Dr. Wilson of basketball. Dr. Wilson is the epitome of greatness.”

Dr. Peter Katz, assistant professor of English
“Dr. Katz is a literal genius. He’s very young so he relates to you on another level. He’s extremely compassionate, funny, and patient. You talk about a lot of deep philosophical and controversial topics. He more so grades progress/effort, rather than content. Super laid back, understanding, and accommodating. … He’s a favorite!”

Professor Amy Cronk, assistant professor of fine art
“Professor Cronk is an amazing teacher, I would recommend her for any class. The material she selected was engaging, lectures well done, and projects where both insightful and inspirational. This is a class I would recommend for anyone. Be prepared to get personal though! Luckily, she creates a very supportive and accepting environment to share in.”

Professor Michael Milmine, assistant professor of psychology
“Professor Milmine is an amazing, inspirational, and caring professor. He is dedicated to his students, probably puts in more work than he will ask of you, and is a fair grader. His office is almost always open and he is helpful and receptive to questions and feedback. I would recommend any of his classes.”

Dr. Linda Gill, professor of English
“Linda has a very bubbly personality. She loves relating to her students and instills in you a significant amount of confidence that you may not have realized you had. She has high expectations and pushes you out of your comfort zone but stands by you every step of the way. She is extremely understanding and compassionate. Great teacher!”

Professor Asher Raboy, resident artist of music
“This teacher is seriously one the best I’ve ever had. Very nice and his passion for his subject makes it very easy to become engaged in the subject. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Professor Cliff Rusch, professor of graphic design
“Professor Rusch is awesome and so helpful! He comes up with creative and fun assignments and he gets excited about his class. He also gives clear constructive advice during critiques, which is very important in improving your designs.”

Dr. Marie Pak, professor of chemistry
“Her classes are challenging but it’s a good challenge. She’s excited to teach you and help you during her office hours. Very accommodating and compassionate. She is able to explain things in many different ways if you’re having a hard time understanding. Lectures are packed with information so make sure you’re always there and ready to focus.”

Dr. Ross Winkle, professor of New Testament
“Dr. Winkle is awesome! He’s really good at making sure the class understands the material being taught. He was always willing to help with any questions we had and was good about updating on grades and keeping us informed on upcoming assignments. 5 stars!”

Professor Jon Carstens, associate professor of art history
“He’s super sweet, caring, patient, understanding, accommodating, and encouraging. You won’t find a more kind and tenderhearted soul on PUC campus. He loves being with his students, as a great teacher should.”

Dr. Jean Sheldon, professor of Old Testament
“Dr. Sheldon is by far one of my favorite teachers on campus for several reasons: 1) she is almost scary brilliant 2) she is extremely understanding 3) she understands and is willing to go out of her way to help students and even with personal issues 4) her expertise in Hebrew Bible has influenced me to have an interest in studying HB/OT.”

Professor Rajeev Sigamoney, associate professor of film & television
“Rajeev is great. He’s very clear with his assignments but gives you the freedom to explore your own creativity. He’s also great at knowing exactly what you want to learn and what you’re good at and will put you in contact with people or projects that will further your learning experience, which shows just how much he cares about his students.”

Professor Lynne Thew, instructor of communication
“I took Introduction to New Writing from Professor Thew during spring quarter. The class was definitely one of the most challenging I have taken but I also learned the most and the expectation are very clear and fair. Couldn’t recommend her more to studious students.”

Dr. Paul McGraw, professor of history
“Great professor. Always has time after class if you need help. Terrific clarity of thought and really encourages discussion. Always take a class from him if you have the opportunity.”

Professor Lloyd Best, professor emeritus of mathematics
“This was by far the best math class that I have ever taken! Professor Best genuinely cared about each one of us and made sure that we understood what he was teaching us. He actually taught us the reasons behind formulas and broke everything down step by step instead of just telling us answers. Every day I felt like I learned something new.”

Professor Michelle Rai, assistant professor of communication
“She is very talkative and easy to relate to. She makes class fun and not just about learning facts. She really wants to make sure you understand.”

Dr. Kent Davis, professor of chemistry
“Dr. Davis is one of my favorite professors at PUC, super smart but really humble and always willing to help you out regardless of the subject, he’s really a super genius who knows it all. He’s awesome but I feel like he’s underappreciated because he’s shy, you need to be assertive and get to know him.”

Dr. Robin Vance, professor of biology
“Dr. Vance is the most adorable person in the entire world. He explains things really well and makes them easy to understand. If something is really complicated, he stops and makes sure the class is ‘okay’ before he moves on to another topic. He’s really sweet and is totally willing to help you if you need it.”

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