Study Tips For Finals Week 

The time has come to start preparing for finals again. You’ve probably developed the study habits that work for you- or could still be trying different methods to see what’s more successful for you. However you study, we wanted to share some tips to help you ace your exams. 

Check Your Exam Schedule

Check when, where, and what time each exam is. You never want to be in the position of being late for an exam. Sometimes exam times change, so make sure with your professor when your exams will be. 

Know Your Priorities 

After organizing the timeline of your exams, know what you have to study first. It might be for the first exam you have- or the hardest final for you. It’s good to know this in advance, so you don’t use up study time during finals week. 

Establish Your Study Spot 

By this time of the school year, you probably already know where your study spot is. Especially during finals week, your study atmosphere needs to keep you motivated and productive. It could be the library, student center, department lounge, or even your room. 

Set The Tone 

Set the tone for your study session. Have your playlist ready if you work better with music. Remove all noise and distractions if you need a quiet environment. The library is a great place to study because there are tables and cubicles that allow you to have a space for yourself. It’s all about what’s right for you to stay in the zone. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help 

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Your professors are there to help you, so take advantage of their office hours and bring up any questions or concerns during class or after. Your classmates are also there to help you out. (If you study better with people, have a good study group where you can stay focused while having little distractions.)

Keep Snacks & Water With You

Keep yourself fueled up with enough snacks and waters that will keep you awake throughout your study sessions.

Get Enough Sleep 

Please, please, please get enough sleep! As much as all-nighters are popular in college, your body and mind have to rest. Getting enough sleep will help you do even better on your exam. 

Pray & Believe In Yourself 

Praying is a powerful thing to do. It’s amazing what God can do during your exam by helping you remember the things you’ve studied to give you that reassurance that you are going to be okay. You also have to believe in yourself. Remind yourself that you got this! 

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