Four Things To Do Before Starting Classes at PUC

With the fall quarter beginning soon at PUC, we wanted to remind you of four things you must do before classes start.

Finalize Classes

Make sure you’re registered for all your classes. If you are on a waiting list, want to change your schedule, or have questions about a class- contact your academic advisor or enrollment counselor, or call the records office at (707) 965-6673 or email them at

Write Down Your Schedule

Once you’ve finalized your schedule- write it down in your planner or your notes app to remember and later memorize. Include what time the class is, the name of the instructor, the classroom number, and the building.

Locate Classes 

Start familiarizing yourself with the campus by checking out our campus map– this will help you know where each of your classes is located and how to get to each one. 

Make Sure You Have Enough School Supplies 

From writing utensils to notebooks, have all the school supplies you need before heading off to school. If you’re taking a math class, make sure you have the right calculator. Buy notecards or post-its if those are useful to your exam preparation.

We can’t wait to have you all back on campus! Don’t hesitate to reach out to your academic advisor, enrollment counselor, or even your professors, if you have any questions about your classes. 

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