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The Basics of Your WebAdvisor Account

I’m sure you’ve heard your Enrollment Counselor talk about WebAdvisor, or you may have read about it in your acceptance packet or in various emails from the Admissions office. However, some of you might not have a clue what WebAdvisor actually is or how to use it. This is for you!

WebAdvisor is the program you’ll use to register for classes, check grades, and communicate with your advisor. (If you haven’t set your account up yet, go to webadvisor.puc.edu to get started and click “Create New Account.”) It will become a big part of your life as a PUC student, and this post will help you understand the basics.

WebAdvisor Opening Screen

This is the homepage of your WebAdvisor account. There are several important things you’re able to get to from this screen:

  • Update your current mailing address (Click “Address Change”)
  • Check whether you’re financially cleared (Click “Financial aid status by term”)
  • Check what documents the Admissions, Health Services, and Student Finance offices have received for you (Click “My Documents”)
  • See whether you have any holds on your account (Click “View Restrictions”)
  • Register for classes* (Click “Search / Register for Sections”)
  • Order your textbooks from the PUC Bookstore (Click “Order Textbooks”)
  • View what classes you’re currently registered for (Click “My class schedule”)
  • Change your major (Click “Academic Program Change Request”)
  • Register your car and get a PUC parking permit (Click “Online Vehicle Registration”)

*Note: All incoming freshmen must register for their fall quarter classes with their Enrollment Counselor.

WebAdvisor My Documents

Clicking “My Documents” on the homepage takes you to this screen, where you can see exactly what documents have been received and if any are missing for the Admissions, Health Services, and Student Finance offices.

WebAdvisor Order Textbooks

Clicking “Order Textbooks” on the homepage takes you to this screen, where you can order your textbooks from the PUC Bookstore.

Note: Required books are necessary for each class, while recommended texts are suggested by your professor to enhance your understanding of a subject.

If you have any problems with your WebAdvisor account, contact our IT Department at helpdesk@puc.edu or at 707.965.7000.