PUC’s Honors Program

By Andrea James

I was inspired to write this article about the Honors Program at PUC because of my indecisiveness about choosing my major. I’m constantly waffling about whether to change my major, add this or that minor, etc. The thing that ends up always restricting me is how long it would to take to study everything I’m interested in. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day, credits in a quarter, dollars in my bank account. From my conversations with other students, my dilemma is a common one. Well, the Honors Program is here to help!

If you are unaware, the Honors Program at PUC replaces the General Education requirements with an abridged curriculum that gives students space in their schedules and credit loads to pursue double majors, minors, or to customize electives to fit their personal goals. It is compatible with any major and makes applicants to graduate, medical, or law school programs more desirable.

The Honors Program is more compelling and important than ever in this increasingly interconnected and interdependent world where all sorts of things are frequently redefined and understood in new and different ways from diverse perspectives. The mindset that the Honors Program encourages in its students and the knowledge it teaches them is becoming more and more necessary as employers are increasingly looking for people with broad knowledge bases, rather than those who have learned one specific discipline. Creative thinking and adaptability are also highly desirable traits in the current job market, and the Honors Program here at PUC fosters them along with many more, making its students more desirable to employers and better able to understand the complicated reality of the world.

People don’t really take advantage of the seemingly infinite knowledge (admittedly a lot of which is faulty) constantly at our fingertips and the ability to connect with people from practically any culture, background, or discipline. Participating in the Honors Program gives you the skills to properly make use of all that is available to the modern individual.

Make the most of each year you’re in college and come out the other side with the skills necessary to thrive wherever you go in the course of your career. For more information on the Honors program and its requirements, visit puc.edu/honors.

Stay tuned to the blog and this Friday, hear from Honors student Emily Mathe, who shares why you might want to consider joining the Honors program!

Honors students enjoy their annual trip to Florence, Italy.

Honors students enjoy their annual trip to Florence, Italy.

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