Here’s Why You Should Join The Campus Chronicle


By Malek Sheen

The Campus Chronicle is a student-lead, student-movement publication embodying the voice of the student population within the eternity of words. Volume I of the Chronicle was released in approximately 1922 and now is in the process of completing volume XCII (92). For almost a century the words of PUC students have stood the testament of time.

Although a student newspaper, the Chronicle is not just limited to PUC activity; it covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to: philosophy, economics, presidential debates, and other global events relevant to college undergraduates. As well as the news around the world, the Chronicle also publishes articles about PUC events, health and wellness, featured noteworthy students, faculty and/or alumni, and the ever-popular opinion editorials (articles concerning the current opinion of the named writer).

Recently I sat down to interview the current editor-in-chief, Tara Hattendorf, a senior accepted to USC School of Law in the fall.

How does the Campus Chronicle benefit the students here at PUC?

I really like the op-ed style we’ve been able to do in recent years where we discuss an event relevant to students and really show, ‘What does this mean to me as a person?’ To be able to help the readers think and grow as individuals as well as develop their own thought processes and their own outlook on the world.

So what is the future of the paper? Where does it go from here?

It depends on where the editors go—journalism is a changing realm, especially on PUC’s campus.While we still follow the rules of journalism in style, it also has more light content: things like recipes, places to check out in the local area, as well as different workout routines, you wouldn’t find in a normal newspaper because we are able to expand the content that way.

Why should students join the Campus Chronicle?

This year I’ve tried to really emphasize different parts of journalism, as well as just writing in general, so that students, when they join, can gain valuable life skills … which involves being able to investigate, report, think critically, and write in a way to be read by an educated audience. In addition, it’s just fun to be on staff.

The Chronicle is a biweekly publication but staff members meet every week, and every other week the staff come together to formulate ideas for the next issue over food provided by the Campus Chronicle. In addition, all staff members get to look forward to the annual end-of-the-year party.

So whether you’re an incoming student looking to meet some like-minded friends or a current student looking for an opportunity to get active on campus, the student newspaper has something for you! The Campus Chronicle chronicles our lives as students. So we the students are the campus chronicles. And as a student, now is the time to get active! Join the Campus Chronicle and use your voice to make a difference.

You can find a copy of the most recent issue at the front desk of most dorms, in the Pacific Café, Dining Commons, the Library, and in most department lounges. Also, be sure to bookmark, where current issues are uploaded once published. You can also look back at past Chronicle issues through the PUC Library archives.

The 2015-2016 Campus Chronicle staff celebrates the end of a great year.

The 2015-2016 Campus Chronicle staff celebrates the end of a great year.

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