Being a Resident Assistant at PUC

By Andrew Mahinay

A single key has the power to open every single door in a residence hall. Out of the hundreds of residents living in a dormitory, only nine students wield this key. These individuals are the protectors of the dorm and the eyes and feet of the dean. The keepers of this powerful key are known as resident assistants.

As a current RA, it has been a privilege to serve the needs of residents in Newton Hall, one knock at a time. There is more to an RA then simply owning a key that opens every door. Some students believe an RA’s responsibility is to intrude into another student’s space. This is not the case.

The purpose of an RA is to check up on each resident’s wellbeing. As an RA, I truly care about my residents. I seek to give them praise when praise is called for and when they experience difficult times, I aim to provide them with valuable advice. One of the greatest things I am able to do as an RA is listen to what my residents have to say. Trust has developed as a result of listening to what my residents. One of the most significant connections to have with a resident is trust, since students are more willing to talk to you about their personal problems leading to the opportunity to serve them in the most effective way.    

It is not the role of a resident assistant to judge, but to assist and serve to one’s greatest ability. We are here to love the residents, to walk with them through the lows and highs of college life. Being an RA is no easy task and requires committed individuals who are willing to sacrifice their time in order to be a presence in the lives of their fellow students. “I invest in the lives of my residents and they tell me they are thankful for it,” said Alfredo Larranaga, another RA in Newton Hall.  

The most important responsibility of an RA is to represent Christ through one’s character and words. RA’s are to be great influential role models, with the ideal of showcasing Christ through their actions, thus bringing students closer to God.

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 11:1

Dean Hernan Granados with the resident assistants of Newton Hall.

Dean Hernan Granados with the resident assistants of Newton Hall.

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