Me to Me

By Hailey Johanson

You probably think this blog post is about a meme, it’s not. Nope, this isn’t about the classic Star Wars influenced meme featuring Kermit the Frog.

This post is a few thoughts I would share with my younger self about growing up and life at PUC.

Dear Hailey,

You’re going to mess up. But that’s okay, it’s part of growing. I know you’re anxious to grow up, to do your own thing. Don’t worry, it’ll happen sooner than you realize.

I’m going to be straight with you, high school is going to suck. You’re going to think you know who you are when you’re 15 when in all honesty, learning about who you are is a life-long lesson.

No need to worry about high school, it all happens so fast. Don’t get hung up on tiny issues, keep your eyes on the big picture. By the time you reach your senior year you’re going to be faced with some pretty life-altering decisions: Where are you going to go to college? What will your major be? Etc.

You’re going to go to PUC, you’re going to be a communication major, and you’re going to realize that was the best possible choice for you. It was the best choice for reasons that weren’t clear at first, for reasons you get to discover.

You’re going to learn so much at PUC, and you’re going to love your departments so much, it will surprise you. Be grateful for your professors, they want nothing more than to see you succeed. Advocate for yourself in your classes, really take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you. And Hailey, don’t worry if you hate a class, it’s only going to be a quarter long. You’ve done much harder things than take a class you don’t like, you’ll be fine.

Homework can be fun, who am I kidding, I know you love learning. But don’t let it control how you feel. As long as you put in the time and the effort you shouldn’t worry too much. Anxiety is a problem, but it’s nothing you can’t handle if you take small steps, but steps nonetheless.

Friends will find you. Don’t be worried about making friends when you come to PUC. Even if it isn’t immediate, you’re going to find your people, and they will find you.

Oh, and just a heads up, you’ll be able to survive the cafeteria food at PUC, they have avocados and a lot of kombucha. The Hawaiian bread isn’t bad either, you’ll be fine.

You’re going to make connections, friendships, and relationships that will help you along the path to who you want to be.

When I say things are going to be hard, I mean you’re going to struggle. But no matter how long or how much you struggle, you’ll be okay. You may not be okay in the moment, but eventually, given time, you are going to be just fine.

Remember, you don’t know everything. Even if you think you’ve got it all figured out, life has a funny way of showing you the true extent of your knowledge. Just be okay with messing up, it’s the only way you’ll ever learn.

You’re stubborn, and that’s good, just don’t let it blind you to the different aspects of life that are new to you. Be ready to learn, but not just academically. You’re going to learn in all kinds of ways.

Growing is always difficult but it’s one of the only things you can ensure will happen. Change is constant, don’t be scared of change, that too is one of the only reliable aspects of life.

So hang in there, you crazy rugrat. You’re going to do great, even if that’s hard to believe at times. You’re going to do great.  

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