Ways to Cope with Anxiety in School

Many students share the struggle of having anxiety in school. With a lot of things going on at school, anxiety can build up. Some have figured out what helps them cope with their anxiety, while others don’t know where to start. Here are ten ways to cope with anxiety. 

Have A Routine

Having a routine keeps you on track with what you need to do. Your routine shouldn’t just consist of what time to wake up, do homework, or when to eat, but also when to rest and do things you enjoy. 

Take A Break

Taking breaks is essential to coping with your anxiety. There is so much going on around us that we need to take time to step away from the noise to catch our breath. Put your books, notes, and laptop aside for a bit. Treat yourself to a snack break, watch your favorite show, nap, or go for a walk to clear your mind. Always make sure to take breaks. 


It can be easy to forget to breathe when your anxiety builds up. When your anxiety gets to you, close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. By focusing on your breathing, you’ll ease back into yourself. 

Eat Well, Feel Well

Make sure you’re eating healthy food every day. Having a healthy diet helps shift our mood and can calm our reactions when we’re hit with anxiety.  Try to avoid junk food and anything else that makes you feel sluggish. When you eat well, you feel well. 

Go Offline

You’re already spending a lot of time looking at a screen, so give your eyes a break. Disconnect from social media and go offline. 

Spend Time Outside

Spending time outside can help you feel more present and improve your well-being. Step away from the books once in a while and go outside to breathe fresh air and get your body moving. 


Many people find journaling therapeutic and helpful in handling their anxiety. Writing down what you’re feeling and what’s happening in your life can release stress and anxiety. 

Get Creative 

Get on the creative side of handling your anxiety by drawing, painting, coloring, sketching, or creating something. Having your favorite playlist or calming music in the background also helps relax your mind. 

Talk To Someone You Trust 

Talk to someone you trust about your anxiety. Whether that be a family member, friend, teacher, pastor, or school counselor. You are not alone and there is always someone you can talk to. 

Spend Time With God 

Last, but certainly not the least, is to spend time with God. Talk to God and tell him what’s giving you anxiety. Read his words and take his promises to heart. Through him, you will find peace, strength, and rest. 

Remember that you are not alone. Many students experience anxiety in school and at PUC, we take that seriously. Our Counseling Center is available to all students for free, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment. You can call the office at (707) 965-7080 or email counseling@puc.edu

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