It’s Okay To Feel Homesick

Even though college is an exciting time to embrace your independence and take on new adventures, being homesick is very common. No matter how far or close you are to home, there will be times you’ll feel homesick, so we’ve put together tips on how to cope with missing home.

Bring Pieces of Home With You 

One way to get more comfortable in your dorm room is bringing pieces of home with you. Bring your favorite pillow, blanket, or mug. Develop photos with your family and friends to keep around your room or in your planner. Things you’re able to pack that remind you of home, take it with you. 

Make Your Room Homey

Your dorm room will be your room away from home, so make it as homey as possible for yourself. Bring your personality into life from the little things like decor, to the big things like your bedding, towels, and 

Hangout With School Friends 

Plan outings with your friends- and take advantage of our beautiful campus and town, or have a movie or game night and cook food together. There are many things you and your friends can do on and off-campus.   

Keep Yourself Busy

Keep yourself busy by getting more involved with school. Join clubs, intramurals, music or ministry groups, or attend campus activities, events, or volunteer opportunities- Schedule time to do things you enjoy and when to have downtown. College will give you a structured schedule, so create a balance that will benefit you. 

Go Outside

It can be tempting to stay in your room, cozied up in bed watching your favorite shows, but don’t be cooped inside all the time! Don’t pressure yourself to socialize if you’re not in the mood but go outside for a walk, take a drive around the Napa Valley, and have a day for yourself. 

Treat Yourself 

Speaking of going outside, go out and treat yourself! There are things from home we just can’t get anywhere else, but you can try to find something that’s close. College will be like your second home, so find places that you enjoy and bring you happiness. 

Keep In Touch With Home 

Whenever you miss home, call or message your family or friends. It might make you miss home more, but being able to talk and see them virtually can make your homesickness more manageable. Home is always a phone call away. 

Make The Most of Time At Home

Always make the most of your time at home. Eat your favorite home-cooked meals, go to your favorite places, and spend time with your friends and family. Whatever you love doing at home, do it, because there is no place like home.  

Remember, it’s okay to feel homesick! Everyone at PUC knows what it feels like, so talk about it with your friends, advisor, counselor, and even your professors because we are all here to care and support one another. 

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