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There Are Some Really Great Reasons to Apply to PUC

Your senior year of high school is a busy time. Aside from classes and making memories you’re gearing up to head off to college. If you haven’t already started looking at potential schools to attend next year, now’s the time—and why not start with Pacific Union College! Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider applying to PUC.


Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.35.54 AMThere’s Something for Everyone

PUC offers more than 70 different degrees and programs to choose from—whatever your passion, we’ve got a program for you! Our graduates are primed for success and are working in many exciting areas, including Stanford University, Google, Buzzfeed, Apple, Lucasfilm, Airbnb, Loma Linda University, LinkedIn, and more.


Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.36.01 AMMake Friends for a Lifetime

One of the best things about attending PUC is living in one of our seven residence halls. About 75 percent of students live on-campus, which fosters a very close-knit community atmosphere. Students live together, study together, socialize, and worship together, which gives our campus a unique sense of unity. 



Get Involved & Make a DifferenceScreen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.36.08 AM

You don’t need to wait until you graduate to start helping with problems around the world. PUC students are already making a difference. With internships, missionary opportunities, service-learning projects, and on-campus ministry groups, you can be part of making change, today, in places like Fiji, Nicaragua, Brazil, and more.


Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.36.14 AMHave a Mentor in Your Corner

With a 12:1 student-teacher ratio, your professors will know you. The one-on-one attention you receive in and out of the classroom will help make you a much more successful student. Your professors become your mentors who can help you along your journey, and ones you can still get advice from years after graduation.


As you’ve seen, there are many advantages to attending PUC and we would be thrilled to welcome you into the Pioneers family! The online application is quick, easy to complete, and always free. Reach out to the Admissions office with any questions you might have by calling (800) 862-7080, option 2 or emailing admissions@puc.edu. 

Don’t wait—apply to PUC now!


PUC Accepting Applications for Fall 2017

Hey new seniors – this blog is for you! Our online application is now open to the Class of 2017 for Fall 2017 at puc.edu/apply – and it’s free! Once you apply, you will need to submit your transcripts (showing your freshman through your junior year) and one letter of reference. The admissions office at PUC will begin reviewing applications for acceptance mid-summer.

There are many reasons why you should start working on your application to PUC right now but I’ll spare you and only give you three. Your future self will thank you for getting this taken care of sooner rather than later! Below are just three practical reasons why you should start working on your application to PUC right now. Your future self will thank you for getting this taken care of sooner rather than later!

Personal PUC site

Get Your Personal PUC Website
As soon as you apply, you will be given your personal PUC website, which is accessible at any point to help you along the way. This site allows you to track the arrival of your transcripts, reference letter, test scores, and other documents as well as the ability to chat live with an enrollment representative (business hours only). In addition to photos and videos, you will also find helpful and fun information about what PUC can offer you, including scholarships, study abroad opportunities, academic support resources, and so much more. It’s a great place to help you start learning about PUC.


Be Ready for Finances in October
If you haven’t already heard, this year the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will now open October 1 instead of January 1. There are two big advantages to doing your FAFSA this early:

  1. You will be able to use your (or your parent’s) 2015 tax information, which is already done.
  2. Since you will be able to submit your FAFSA information sooner to the schools you are considering, you will have more time to explore your financial aid options at each and decide which is your best option.

The student financial services office at PUC uses your FAFSA, along with your transcripts and other information, to put together your financial aid estimate, which shows approximately how much per month it would cost for you to attend PUC. Having a completed application on file and submitting your FAFSA early on will help give you and your family the financial information you need to make decisions about college.

Start Working with Your PUC Enrollment Counselor
When you apply to PUC, you will also be assigned an enrollment counselor who will work with you throughout the admissions process. The sooner you start working with them, the better! They can help you with questions about the academic program you’re interested in, your application and what other documents you need to submit, and they will also help you register for your first quarter of classes.

So don’t wait! Apply to PUC today.

Your Future at PUC Can Start Today

Back to the Future

The fall is prime college application time for high school seniors. The average student applies to nine colleges, and if you haven’t already started looking at potential schools for next fall, now’s the time – and why not start with Pacific Union College! Our online application is free and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Here are three reasons why you should consider applying to PUC now.

1. Our application process is simple.

We try not to make things too complicated for you. If you will be attending college for the first time, all it takes to complete your application is sending in your transcripts and one reference. Visit our Admissions website for more details about our admissions process, including information for transfer and international students.

2. Don’t miss out on scholarships!

In order to apply for several of PUC’s scholarships, you need to be an accepted student for the upcoming fall quarter. Our scholarship deadline is March 2nd, and we don’t want you to miss out on free money. Make sure you’re accepted by then so you can apply.

3. Be at the top of the list for classes and your dorm assignment.

Once you’re an accepted student, there are several important steps you need to take to complete the process of becoming a PUC student, but you can start with paying your $200 enrollment fee. There are several benefits to paying this fee as early as possible, including:

  • Early-bird class selection: Class registration for Fall 2016 starts April 4, but you won’t be able to register for classes with your Enrollment Counselor until the fee is paid.
  • Priority housing: Paying your fee puts you in line to receive your dorm room assignment. The sooner you pay your fee, the higher up on the list you’ll be! (If you haven’t yet, fill out your housing reservation form.)
  • Pay your fee before May 1 and we will put $100 of it towards your Fall 2016 tuition bill.

There’s never been a better time to apply to PUC – start today!

Learn About PUC’s International Requirements


There’s a lot to keep track of when applying to a college, and the process can be even more confusing if you’re an international student. We talked with Mr. Craig Philpott, the Director of Admissions, about some of the most frequently asked questions our department receives regarding international admissions to hopefully make the process more clear. 

1. What documents do international students need to submit for acceptance to PUC?

International students will need to submit the following –

  • Official transcripts showing high school graduation and official documents from all colleges attended (if any).
    • All college documents will also need to be submitted to World Education Services (WES) for independent verification/translation and evaluation for transfer credit.
  • One exam score showing the current level of English skill to verify qualification to study in English at the college level.
  • One reference; written by someone who knows the applicant but is not related to them.
  • Regarding finances, international students will need to verify that their family or sponsor has a minimum amount on deposit in an international bank to cover one full year of travel,tuition, and expenses. Currently the required amount is $47,295 USD.

2. What standardized tests do international students need to take?

If available, international students should take the SAT or ACT. If these aren’t available, they will need to verify English language skill level through a recognized English exam like the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE. In each case the official scores need to be provided to PUC directly from the exam organization.


3. What are the visa requirements for international students?

The F1 student visa is the required visa. The college will provide the required I-20 document, letter of admission, and other documents required to apply for the F1 visa only after the student has fulfilled all requirements for admission.

4. What scholarships does PUC offer for international students?

International students are eligible for the merit scholarships of PUC as published for all high school students or transfer students. PUC does offer one scholarship specific to international students; learn more at http://www.puc.edu/admissions/finance.

5. Are there any jobs on campus for international students?

Yes, PUC international students may qualify for campus employment after they apply for and receive a US social security number. Information about jobs on campus can be found at http://www.puc.edu/puc-life/student-employment/home.


6. Are international students required to declare a major?

Yes, all international students must declare a major before they are accepted to PUC. Choosing “undecided” as the major does not fulfill the requirements of the US government for issuing student visa documents.

7. What academic support is available to international students at PUC?

International students at PUC are eligible for all regular academic support as offered through the Teaching and Learning Center of the college. PUC does not offer an ESL language learning/immersion program and thus all international students must verify they can accomplish college level work in the English language.

Throughout the application process, we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office with any questions you might have at admissions@puc.edu or 800.862.7080 option 2.


Accepted to PUC – Here’s What’s Next

I hope you tossed a ton of confetti and jumped around your living room as you opened your acceptance packet because we are so thrilled that you’ve been accepted to PUC!

Andy Dwyer

We can’t even express how excited we are for you to arrive on campus this September! But before you get here, there are a few things you need to do. Lucky for you, you’ve found our blog where we’ll break everything down into four simple steps.

1. Pay your enrollment fee
Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to pay your entire school bill or anything. The enrollment fee is only $150. The fee is completely refundable if you decide PUC isn’t right for you before September 1. This lets us know you’re committed to attending PUC and it reserves your spot in classes. You can pay the fee online or by calling PUC’s cashier at 707.965.7530.

2. Complete your housing form
Once you’ve paid your enrollment fee, you can fill out the housing information form. A great thing about PUC is unless you’re married or over the age of 22, you’ll be living in a residence hall which makes becoming part of the PUC family super easy!

3. Register for classes
Today is April 6th, which means class registration for the fall has officially begun! Once your fee has been paid you can get your class schedule set up for your first quarter in college. To do this you can contact your Enrollment Counselor and together you’ll make sure you have the perfect schedule.

4. Make financial arrangements
Have you filled out FAFSA? Have you filled out a PUC Financial Aid Application? Finances are probably the scariest thing about college, which is why we have a great team of Financial Counselors ready to help! But first, take a few minutes to fill out FAFSA and the PUC Financial Aid Application so they have the most accurate information for you.

See? What did I tell you, four easy steps to becoming a PUC student! So hurry up and complete these so you can start doing the fun stuff, like planning how you want your dorm room to look!

How PUC Uses Test Scores

There are many things students need to keep track of when applying to college. There are transcripts to be sent in, references to be requested, tests to take and potentially essays to write. These days, the average student applies to nine schools, and that’s a lot of requirements to keep track of. Below are five common questions our office receives from students wondering how PUC handles test scores.

“When does PUC need my test scores?”

A little different than most state and public schools, we don’t require test scores for admission for first-time college students, with the exception being for admission on academic probation and for international students.

The only real deadline for submitting test scores is the first day of school, as they are required to begin classes. However, waiting until then to submit your scores can impact what classes you’re able to register for, as test scores are used for placement into Math and English classes.

For transfer students, test scores are only required for students who have not successfully taken the equivalent to College Algebra or English 101.

“What test does PUC require – the ACT or the SAT?”

PUC accepts both the ACT and the SAT.

“What’s the minimum test score PUC accepts?”

Only international students must reach a certain minimum score for either the ACT or SAT; a score of 15 or higher on the English section of the ACTs, or a score of 380 or higher on the Critical Reading section of the SATs. (Please note, PUC also accepts scores from the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, MELAB and iTEP for international students. Visit the Apply page of our website to learn more.)

“What scholarships does PUC offer for high test scores?”

PUC uses test scores for several scholarships for incoming freshmen, including our highest scholarship, the Maxwell Scholar Program worth $15,000 each year. Five winners can receive it, and five runners-up receive $12,000 per year. One of the requirements is having a minimum score of 26 on the ACTs or a 1700 on the SATs, in addition to leadership experience, Christian service, and a GPA of at least a 3.5.

The President’s and Dean’s Scholarships are other scholarships available to incoming freshmen and can be awarded based on high test scores (or high GPA). For the President’s Scholarship, worth $10,000 per year, students need a minimum score of 29 on the ACTs or a 1900 on the SATs. The Dean’s Scholarship requires a minimum of 26 on the ACTs or a 1700 on the SATs and is worth $9,000 per year. Both scholarships are renewable with a 3.5 GPA.

You can read more about the requirements for these scholarships by visiting the Finance page of our website. (Please note, the Maxwell Scholar Program cannot be combined with either the President’s or Dean’s Scholarships.)

“Why should I retake either test?”

With the New Year around the corner, there’s still plenty of time to take the ACTs or SATs, or retake them if you aren’t satisfied with your score. I know it doesn’t sound like the most fun to take a standardized test again since it’s several hours of your time, but as you’ve seen, there’s serious scholarship money available for students who do well on these tests.

Below is a list of all upcoming test dates and registration deadlines for both the ACTs and SATs.

Upcoming test dates

For more information about the ACTs, including information about late registration deadlines and fees click here.

For more information about the SATs, including information about late registration deadlines and fees, click here.

Our six Enrollment Counselors are ready to help if you have questions about applying to PUC! Call our office at 800.865.7080 option 2 Monday-Thursday from 8 AM – 5 PM, and Friday from 8 AM – 1 PM to get connected with a Counselor. You can also email us at enroll@puc.edu or chat with us on our website (business hours only).

Editor’s note: This is dated material and does not necessarily reflect how the student financial services office at PUC and the financial process currently operates. Please contact your financial counselor for more information.

Five More Reasons to Apply to Pacific Union College

If our “Five Reasons Why You Should Apply to PUC” post last week didn’t already convince you, here are another five reasons you should apply to PUC!

PUC students worship together in the campus mall.

PUC students worship together in the campus mall.

1. A Community of Students

There are close to 1,700 students at PUC, and about 80% live on-campus in one of seven residence halls; four for women and three for men. Besides being home for almost 10 months out of the year, the residence halls provide students with activities like Dorm Olympics, weekly hall worships, and a chance to get to know other students outside the classroom. Check out the Campus Culture page on our website to learn about student life at PUC.

2. Get Your Money’s Worth

In September of 2013, Payscale.com ranked PUC in the top 13% of colleges for return on investment (ROI), making us the highest-ranked Adventist college on their list of College Education ROI rankings. This ranking demonstrates PUC graduates have a greater earnings gap than students without a four-year degree. Read about how an education at PUC can benefit you on the Finance section of our website as well as learn about our scholarship opportunities.

This past summer a group of PUC students went to Fiji for a mission trip.

This past summer a group of PUC students went to Fiji on a mission trip.

3. Make an Impact

Our students strive to make a difference not only globally, but locally as well. Whether you have an afternoon, weekend, week, or even a year to give, there’s a variety of ways students can serve God and help others:

  • Over 1,340 PUC students have served as missionaries around the world
  • Every Friday afternoon, Clearlake Homeless Ministries visits local areas in need
  • REVO, a student-run organization, has raised over $36k since 2008 for various humanitarian organizations
  • This year, PUC students will go to Nicaragua and the Amazon for week-long mission trips

4. Experience Different Cultures

Recently, PUC was ranked the 3rd most diverse liberal arts college in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Students have an opportunity to work, study and live with other students from a variety of backgrounds and learn about many different cultures. There’s several prominent cultural clubs students can join regardless of their ethnicity; including the Black Student Union, Hawaiian Club, and the Students Organization of Latinos. You can view a full list of student-run clubs at PUC on the Campus Clubs page on our website.

Emergency Services students get hands-on training in the field.

Emergency Services students get hands-on training in the field.

5. Learn Outside the Classroom

At PUC, students are given an opportunity to get some hands on learning outside the classroom. Our Communication and Psychology/Social Work departments present their research at respected conventions like the National Communication Association and the Western Psychological Association. The Business Department’s Enactus, which enables students to make progress through entrepreneurial action, work with local businesses and college departments. Students majoring in Film & Television have the opportunity to intern with prestigious places like Sofia and Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope production company, and other internship opportunities are presented to PUC students during the annual Career Day fair.

The next step for you is to fill out our online application, available at puc.edu/apply – it’s always free. We look forward to working with you!

Five Reasons You Should Apply to PUC

Fall season is prime time for high school seniors. The average student applies to nine colleges, and if you haven’t already started looking at potential schools, now’s the time – and why not start with PUC! Here are five reasons why you should consider applying.

1. Outstanding Academics

We offer over 70 different majors to choose from, with our top five programs being Nursing, Biology, Business, Communication, and Visual Arts, which makes us a true liberal arts college. We are the only Adventist college or university recognized as a National Liberal Arts College by U.S. News & World Report. Visit puc.edu/academics for information about each of our majors.


2. Our Location

Imagine living in a world famous vacation destination spot that’s sunny an average of 262 days a year! PUC is located atop Howell Mountain in the heart of the Napa Valley. Everywhere you look, you’ll find breathtaking views and lots of interesting things to do.

  • Explore PUC’s unique hiking and biking trails
  • Head to nearby St. Helena or Calistoga for lunch and window shopping
  • Spend the day in San Francisco visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, taking a trolley ride, or watching a game from one of the many championship sports teams

Not sure where to start? Let our blog team’s favorite places in the Bay Area guide you!

3. Relationships with Professors

One of the advantages of attending a small liberal arts college like PUC is having the opportunity to form real relationships with your professors. With a 13:1 student-teacher ratio, you will never be just another face in a crowded classroom. The majority of professors list their email address and their home number on their syllabi if students need to contact them. Professors also have regular office hours where they’re available for students to stop by and talk with, and many frequently invite students into their homes for pre-vespers each quarter.


4. We’re Active

We don’t mean to brag, but our intramurals program was ranked #1 in the nation by Niche.com last year. Getting involved on an intramurals team is a great way to make friends, as close to 50% of students on-campus participate in the program. Read our  “Fire It Up!” blog post to learn how you can join a team or start your own.

5. You Can Afford It

Sticker prices can be intimidating, but it’s important to keep in mind nobody pays them.

  • Each year, PUC awards $36 million in financial aid to our students
  • Most PUC scholarships renew for four years
  • 100% of our students receive financial aid
  • The average out-of-pocket payment for students is about $6,656

We’re doing our part to make Christian higher education affordable. Learn more at puc.edu/scholarships.

Our application is available at puc.edu/apply and it’s always free. There are multiple ways you can reach our office and talk with an Enrollment Counselor if you have questions. Call 800.862.7080 option 2, email enroll@puc.edu, or chat with us on our website (weekdays only).

Still not convinced? Check out our follow up post “Five More Reasons to Apply to Pacific Union College.”