Why Should You Consider Majoring in Business?

By John Nunes, Associate Professor John Nunes
Business Administration & Economics Department

So, why in the world should you consider a major in Business Administration at Pacific Union College? The title doesn’t sound particularly exciting, does it?

Do you want to be a leader? Having business skills are important! Fact of the matter is, ALL of you will end up working in some type of organization, whether profit or non-profit in scope, a mammoth multi-national conglomerate or a small enterprise, which you own and operate in size. Regardless of size or mission, you will face these fundamental challenges:

  1. Being a good steward of resources. In any organization, expenses must be less than revenues or your organization will not survive. In addition, the time, talent, and financial resources your stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, investors, etc.) commit to your enterprise must be fruitfully and ethically managed or they will move on to an opportunity that better suits their needs and interests.
  2. Vision and Purpose. Why are you here? Where are you going? How are you going to get there? Who do you want to serve and how can you best serve them? Personally and organizationally, these questions are essential to success and survival. You have to possess a dream to create a plan and once you have created that plan, you must act on it!
  3. Change and Innovation. As important as dreaming, planning, and action are, you must be willing and able to adapt based on changes in a host of internal and external environmental factors. Having the capacity to proactively and reactively manage and create change and innovate individually and systemically are fundamental to building a sustainable enterprise. You must learn to love change and own the future or you won’t be around!

As a business major, we will provide you with the resources to master the skills shown above. By exposing you to the entire continuum of the business administration discipline, combining quantitative training in accounting, finance, economics, information systems management, and operations, critical thinking and communication skills gleaned from extensive writing, research, and presentations, and leadership development through marketing, management, internship, and service learning courses, we will not only instruct you on how to do things the right way, but will model the essential art and science of doing the right things, in a learning environment that is committed to nurturing your unique growth needs inside and outside of the classroom! WE VALUE YOU!

The competencies developed in our department have been leveraged with distinction by our numerous graduates in wide ranging organizations and careers, including accounting, dentistry, law, medicine, healthcare administration, entrepreneurship, management, sales, information systems, education, marketing, and finance among many others.

Come join us!

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