Why an Education Major at PUC Worked For Me

Name: Brittany Rasmussen Brittany Rasmussen
From: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Major: Liberal Studies, Dual Credential
Graduated: 2013

I really enjoyed the education program at PUC. By far, the best parts are the labs and student teaching experiences. With an education major, you’re out visiting schools, observing teachers, and even trying out your own lessons right from the beginning, which is awesome! There aren’t too many majors like that. I was honestly scared to death when I went to my first lab (well, and the second one… and the third one… and the first day of student teaching… and the first day in my own classroom…) but I quickly became more comfortable and decided everything would be okay.

When I started college, I wanted to do it all. I was pretty ambitious. Fortunately, I chose education as my major, which is one of those majors that truly allows you to do it all, and the faculty were so supportive of my goals. My first emphasis was elementary education, but I talked with my advisor about adding a secondary credential to my program my junior year. In the end, I graduated with elementary credentials and six junior academy endorsements (which allow me to teach those subject up through tenth grade) and an ESL endorsement. The ESL endorsement is embedded in the California credential program, which is cool because a lot of other states don’t include it in their basic program. I also took the necessary classes so that I can add secondary (9-12) credentials to my certificate when I’m ready.

Last year, I taught 7th and 8th grades at Battle Creek Academy in Michigan. It was so fun and hugely rewarding. I loved it! However, my boyfriend (another PUC Education major) became my fiancé during the school year, so I needed to find a job at a school closer to where he lives. Several interviews later, I was hired as a high school teacher at Grand Rapids Adventist Academy. All those extra endorsements came in handy! I’ll also be taking a community college class and a CLEP test or two this year to add two full secondary endorsements to my certificate. When that’s done, I’ll be able to teach at any grade level, preschool through 12th grade. I’ve got a lot of different ways I can do my favorite thing – teach!

If you’re considering majoring in education, here are some things to consider:

  1. A career in education is pretty flexible – I’m still adding endorsements to my certificate.
  2. The education program at PUC gets you out there practicing your skills right away.
  3. Support is a huge part of the program. The professors are always willing to help.
  4. Everyone is fun and friendly – and who knows, you might meet someone “special”!

You might not be able to ‘do it all’ in college but you can choose a major that lets you do everything you want in a career.

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