Merry Christmas from Your Enrollment Counselors!

(From left to right) J.R. Rogers, Janae Bowman, Avery Lay, and Chris Romero.

As 2017 winds down to a close, we’re taking time to reflect back on the past year and look forward to what the new year will bring. We asked your four enrollment counselors to share with us what they’re giving thanks for this holiday season and what they’re looking forward to in the new year.

What are you most grateful for this past year?

“I’m thankful and grateful for five wonderful years with my wife (as of Dec. 16). We have been very blessed with family, work, and a super awesome year and a half old Great Dane.” – J.R. Rogers

“Continued life, health, family, and loved ones. All that God has allowed me to accomplish.” – Chris Romero

“I often put a lot of thought into what I’m thankful for each year, but this year I am most thankful for the intangible things, the things that have helped me grow. One of the biggest things I’m thankful for is the support from my friends and family to continue my education and start graduate school.” – Janae Bowman

“Getting to see my grandmother one last time during the Columbia Union tour. She lives in Virginia so I almost never see her, and she passed away just last week. There was just enough time to go visit her nursing home before my flight back from Richmond.” – Avery Lay

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

“I’m looking forward to whatever God decides should happen to my 2018. We have some fun trips planned personally and some great ideas for PUC.” – J.R.

“All of the above listed plus whatever God has in store for me next this upcoming year.” – Chris

“Opportunities! I am looking forward to the opportunities, whether it be with my job or grad school! I always look forward to seeing what God has in store for me.” – Janae

“Looking forward to volunteering with Berkeley Homeless Ministry and St. Anthony’s Dining Room again. I don’t get to do it in the fall when all the visits and college fairs are happening.” – Avery

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