Meet Enrollment Counselor Chris Romero

We have a great team of enrollment counselors here at PUC, ready to help you and your family with any questions you have, at any point throughout the admissions process. For the next few weeks, every Monday we’ll be introducing each one to you, to help you get to know them a little better.

This week, meet counselor Chris Romero!

What made you decide to recruit for PUC?
I wanted to share my college experience with students. It was a crazy journey from beginning to end!

Where is the most interesting place you’ve traveled for work?
Oklahoma, I was in the middle of nowhere. First time in “The Dust Bowl” and just at the airport alone it had signs for tornado warnings. I’m a SoCal guy so that freaked me out a little the first time I saw those signs. I am used to earthquakes, fires, riptides from the ocean while at the beach … stuff like that, not tornados!

What is the most rewarding thing about recruiting?
Being able to see student’s faces as I say they have been accepted to Pacific Union College. Also, the after-expression of students who are worried about not knowing what to do with their life and me just saying “Trust me, I didn’t know either, but it’s alright.”

If you were choosing a movie to be shown at New Student Orientation, what would you pick? Why?
Disney’s “Hercules”—I can say because it shows the adversity of going from nothing to something, and how it can relate to a student going from freshman year to senior year and the growth of those years … But mostly because it’s my favorite movie!

What is your favorite part about living here?
The trees and nature. I can’t count the amount of times I have walked out my door in the morning and was greeted by a couple of deer.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
That last step after going up those stairs in front of flagpoles of Irwin Hall. *Cue the Rocky Balboa montage*

What is your favorite place to eat in the valley?
Gillwoods Cafe in St. Helena for breakfast, Giugni’s for lunch, and Pizzeria Tra Vigne for dinner, and then pistachio macaroons from Bouchon Bakery in Yountville for dessert.

What is the last book you read?
Comic books count too right? “Flashpoint” by Geoff Johns & Andy Kubert.

What’s one thing you would like to accomplish in 2018?
Travel around more of California! Go to more national parks, food joints, etc.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
Don’t be a hermit! Socialize with people! Devote one day (whether Sabbath or not) to not doing any homework or classwork. Eat breakfast! Changing your major isn’t the end of the world! Make an effort to contact family at least once a week even if it’s through texting. Enjoy your college experience, go bowling in Napa, watch movies in Santa Rosa, go on late night In and Out runs every once in a while. Most importantly though, do not and I repeat DO NOT try and do a 12-page paper at 3:00 a.m. the day the paper is due … trust me it doesn’t work.     

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