Finding the Back 40

by Maria Rankin-Brown
Chair, Department of English

I’m mostly known for teaching English, but when I’m not, I’m known for stalking the greenery and flowers in my neighbors’ yards so I can capture photos I share on Instagram (@dooglebuggy and @ria.arby). My favorite place to go wild with my camera is the Back 40. Many locals and students use the Back 40 to stay physically fit. What better place is there on campus to get your uphill run on? While I theoretically appreciate the benefits of hiking or running in the Back 40, I mainly use the space to hide from others. The combination of the many, many trails, the solitude, and the opportunity to slide behind a tree when people approach is irresistible to my introverted self. As much as I enjoy the eight hours of interacting with students and colleagues during the day, I need alone time to recharge. The Back 40 offers the perfect combination of isolation, silent company, and opportunities for photography. The Back 40 calms and centers me and shows me how important it is to simply spend time sorting through my thoughts and feelings.

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