5 Tips for Having the Best Move-In Day Possible

With New Student Orientation just a few days away, we hope your packing and planning is well underway! Once you arrive on-campus, it can quickly become overwhelming when you think about everything you need to do. Here is a short list of what you can start with to get the important things taken care of first.

Unload Your Car and Meet Your Roommate

First things first: get your car unloaded and meet your roommate! If possible, schedule your arrival times together so your parents can meet too. Keep an eye out for PUC faculty, staff, and students in PUC shirts, helping students move in. That’s called Porter Power and there’s always a great group of helpers every year! Don’t get caught up in unpacking and getting your room organized just yet though because there’s plenty you need to take care of!

Go to the Finance Office

If you haven’t already, you will need to get financially cleared before classes start on the 24th. The longer you wait, the longer the lines get at the Finance office, so it’s a good idea to head there first thing on Wednesday (especially if your parents come up with you!) to get this out of the way.

You may be able to get everything taken care of before you even get to campus. Talk with your financial counselor ahead of time to see what you need to do to get cleared. Call (800) 862-7080, option 1 or email studentfinance@puc.edu to talk with a counselor now.

Get Your ID Card

Your ID card is going to be one of your most important PUC possessions. You will use it to buy books, pay for meals in the cafe, buy beverages and snacks at The Grind, and check in and out of Colloquy. Once your stuff is unloaded, head down to the Dining Commons to get your photo taken and receive your brand new, shiny ID card!

Get Your Textbooks

You can find all your textbooks for the quarter at the PUC Bookstore. You can even pre-order them ahead of time so all you’ll need to do is stop in and pick them up. Get started now at puc.bncollege.com.  

Organize Your Room

You’ll have several days to get your dorm room organized, so don’t feel like you have to do it all right away if you like to take your time. If you need some inspiration for how you can help make your dorm room the best on your hallway, check out the “Dorm Decorating on a Budget” and “Tips for an Organized Dorm Room” blog posts for some ideas to help get you started! Make sure you coordinate with your roommate ahead of time to know who’s bringing what so you don’t end up with duplicate items like two toasters (because who needs that?).

New Student Orientation is going to be packed full of new friends and fun. For the full Orientation schedule, visit puc.edu/orientation. Get ready for your best year yet!

We’ll see you on the 19th!

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