PUC’s Teaching & Learning Center Prides Itself on Student Success

Starting college can be challenging, but at Pacific Union College, we have great resources in place to help students succeed, because student success is our priority. The Teaching & Learning Center was created for that very reason. It offers free group tutoring in over 25 different subjects, ranging from business to languages to science. If you’re struggling with a class but a tutoring option isn’t available, talk with the helpful TLC staff and they can set you up with a small group or an individual tutor. There’s even a writing lab available to students who would like input and direction on writing papers, which is awesome! The TLC staff will also work with students who have disabilities to offer extra individualized support and accommodations.

Recently some of our amazing students, both past and present, shared just how impactful having the TLC resources and staff was to their educational wellbeing. These comments were so meaningful to us, we wanted to share! 

“Aww, I loved the TLC!!! It helped me in a lot of ways by keeping me organized as a student, and having people look over my papers, also by the many tutoring sessions it offered for classes I was in! I also had the pleasure of working there. ♡ One thing Nancy would do was set up a testing place, time, and reader for students that really needed a separate quiet space to test. The TLC provided students with the tools they needed to succeed and it was and still is a great asset to PUC’s campus. Miss everyone there! ♡” — Brittney Foldvary 

“The TLC is a gem on campus, I have used their writing labs, and numerous tutors they schedule. Nancy Jacobo is an amazing mentor and I could not have finished my undergrad and graduate degree without her guidance and support! They were also very accommodating and helpful to me during exams.” — Justin Napod 

“The TLC is an excellent resource to receive assistance in any area that the students may need. Pairing students with qualified tutors on specific areas to strengthen them and help them achieve academic success!” — Gabriel Barraza

“The TLC is a must-visit. Any student currently attending PUC, please do yourself a favor and check out all the resources it has to offer. The TLC offers accommodations and learning resources that aid you, depending on your learning style/needs. You are given guidance with compassion and genuine care from all the staff. I was fortunate to see this firsthand as a student worker for four years during my collegiate time at PUC. Don’t miss this gem on top of the hill. Take advantage! Your grades and stress levels will thank you! 😏” — Laura Marina 

“From a student-athlete perspective, the TLC was very resourceful and helped me tremendously! From tutoring programs to working front desk, I was equipped for success. Nancy Jacobo was the sweetest lady in the office and came to every single one of my soccer games! 🙌🏾🙏🏾” — Bila N Kintaudi

“Yesss!!! Plain and simple, I wouldn’t have graduated from college if the TLC wasn’t there to help me along. They helped me with my scheduling, they helped me get tested, and they helped me find all of the accommodations that would help me succeed! I’m super grateful for this place and their great staff!” — David Hernandez 

“As a resident physician now training across the country in Boston, I can truly say the TLC helped me get where I am today. My experience with the TLC is quite larger than most; from being a tutee my first and second year, tutoring my last two years, and lastly working the front desk for three years. I have seen success stories walk out of the TLC door for four years straight and I am glad there was a location at PUC specifically made to help students better themselves!” — Daniel Amponsah


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