Alumni Profile: Elijah Morar, Founder of Bedouin Games

When Elijah Morar was a student at PUC from 2009-2012, he was pursuing a nursing degree and took art and design classes. With a passion for art, he also had an interest in board games and would spend hours playing with his friends in Newton Hall. One day, Elijah realized that there weren’t many Christian Bible-based games available- so he decided to create one. While looking through different Bible stories, the Flood fascinated him on what the world could have looked like before the Flood. Now, he is the creator of the board game The Flood and the Founder of Bedouin Games.

Tell us about Bedouin Games. What was the inspiration behind starting
your company?  

I have always had a passion for tabletop games. I played Checkers, Scotland yard, and the Game of Life in the 1990’s when I was in elementary school. During my teens, I took a pause from playing games until I started college. While at PUC, I majored in nursing, took some art/design classes, and lived in Newton Hall. Most of my friends in Newton were business majors, and I thought to myself I could be a business major too, seems a lot less stressful. Yet, I continued my nursing degree and enjoyed those few art/design classes. I did not know that those art/design classes would pay off and that I would end up creating a board game in the future. When we hung out with our friends in the hall, we would play very competitive Uno and Monopoly games. The games would last 3-6 hours nonstop. Sometimes we would play through the night and try to keep it quiet so that dean Granados won’t come checking on us. He did sometimes 🙂. Part of his house was right below the room we played in. After leaving PUC, my interest in board games did not fade. One day while playing a board game with family, I realized that there are not many Christian Bible-based games out there. This is when I got the idea to create one. My wife and I sat down and went through the different stories in the Bible, starting with Genesis. We paused on the story about the Flood because I was fascinated with what the world could have looked like before the flood. I ran the idea by my brother and his spouse and started concepting the design and engineering of The Flood board game. This is how Bedouin Games was formed. We were blessed to have incredible artists help us with this project. Some of them have worked for famous titles like Star Wars, Skyrim, and more. Today I realize running a business is not as easy as I thought, and business majors face their own challenges.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do? What’s the most challenging? 

I enjoy seeing the excitement on people’s faces when they start playing the game. To me, the most challenging part of creating a game is bringing all the aspects like design, publishing, and logistics together.

How did your time at PUC help prepare you for your career?

I have always had a passion for art. During one of my quarters, I was looking for an Art class I could take as an elective. I noticed a photoshop class that was offered that quarter with professor Milbert Mariano. I fell in love with that class and remember doing extra assignments on top of what I was required to. This truly helped me in the board game making and design because I was able to learn how to use Photoshop effectively. I have spent hundreds of hours using photoshop to create the game design as well as the art for our Instagram and Facebook pages. Overall I really enjoyed my time at PUC, and it brings back very good memories.

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