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A Glance Into PUC’s Film Program from Professor Tim de la Torre – Assistant Professor of Visual Arts

Tim de la Torre has been working at PUC for 10 years now. He graduated from PUC’s film program in 2006, with the college’s location and the Visual Arts Department holding a special place in his heart. There was a moment of transition in his life when Dean Milbert Mariano (then chair of the visual arts department) called to ask if Tim would be interested in interviewing for an instructor position. He’s so thankful Dean Milbert and his department saw potential in him because “It’s been a fantastic fit”. 

Tell us about PUC’s film and television production program.

Our program here at PUC is unique in so many good ways! The diversity of our student body is a real benefit to our writers and artists who are exploring topics that matter to them. It allows them to have the benefit of input from people from different intersecting identities that can help each other avoid stereotypes and cliché’s that are easy to miss when you create in an echo chamber. 

I am really proud of the culture we’ve created where students learn hands-on production skills with the equipment and make high-quality films through practice. Our rural location and residential campus housing mean students end up spending a lot of time in Fisher Hall and feel a sense of belonging and shared ownership of the space. We are like a family. It also means we are always making and creating because we live our lives in this space. 

What are the class sizes?

Our department has 40-50 students in 3 disciplines: film, graphic design, and fine art. Our small class sizes mean you will know all of your professors and student cohort. It allows faculty to really help mentor and guide you as we get to know you throughout the years of your program. 

Is there a class you enjoy teaching the most?

Group Production is my favorite class. It’s where we meet twice a week, and students pitch ideas for film projects they want to create, and we support the students in producing their ideas. There are always incredible projects that come out of that class! 

What equipment is available for students? 

We have everything you would expect to see on the set of a major motion picture production. We have a fully loaded grip truck for location production, high-end cinema cameras, and smaller cameras with differing unique use cases, such as documentary and low-light environments. We also have a huge range of lenses, including anamorphic, cinema zooms, probe lenses, tilt-shift lenses, and vintage glass. 

In the last couple of years, we even taught classes using Unreal Engine for film production and have a senior finishing her thesis project using Unreal Engine. The best way to understand is to reach out to the professors and come and visit us. If there is something specific you want to explore, chances are we have the tools to do that or the ability to obtain them and support you in pursuing your interests.  

Do students need internships? 

I always say the most important class you’ll take at PUC is your internship, which ideally, does not take place at PUC! It’s where you take your skills, knowledge, and professional and interpersonal skills and go out and get real-world experience that often leads to a job after graduation! 

What are the highlights from your department this year? 

We worked on multiple projects funded by the Sonscreen Film Festival, which allowed us to cast professional actors and even hire some professional crew to work alongside our student crew. The level of production quality and experience our students gained from this really helped us make up for the time we were teaching online during COVID when those students didn’t have as many opportunities to develop set experiences. 

Where do some of your graduates work? 

We have many alums in LA working in film as writers, directors, editors, and in the camera department. Others created their own companies and are documentarians, corporate and non-profit production. Some have gone on to work for various church-based organizations such as Hope Channel, Amazing Facts, and 3ABN. 

What should future film and television students know and prepare for before college? 

Bring your curiosity and hunger to learn. Be prepared to work hard. It’s the only way to close the gap between your taste and skill.  

PUC faculty and students and alumni attend the Sonscreen Film Festival in April 2023. Eight PUC student films were selected as official entries and PUC won three categories and was runner-up in two other categories.

The Visual Arts Department grip truck makes transporting all of the equipment necessary for location production possible!

Running a demo shoot for College Days in 2023.

On the set of “Radish Soup” which will be completed in late 2023. 

Tim de la Torre and student Josue Hilario prepping the location before production begins of “Inner Space” in May 2023. 

Prepping the location before production begins of “Inner Space” in May 2023. 

“Inner Space” production in May 2023. 

Make sure to check out their YouTube channel and follow their Instagram @pucart for upcoming projects!

Advice for Post-Grads 

Whether you graduated from high school or college recently, navigating life after graduation can be difficult. If you are feeling scared or nervous, that’s okay! It’s normal to fear this next phase of your life. Here’s some advice for you undergrads:

Rest & Have Fun 

Rest and have fun after graduation! You’ve spent the last year studying and not sleeping enough- you deserve a much needed break. 

Don’t Rush, Move At Your Own Pace 

Please try not to compare yourself to others. Even if others seem to have it all figured out before you, that’s fine! Move at your own pace and don’t rush. Don’t make decisions based on what you think you should be doing or what your friends are doing. Do what feels right to you and be present in this time of growing and learning. 

Make Time for Joy 

Adjusting to this new life change may seem daunting, so make time for the things that bring you joy. When you start working, you might forget or be too tired to do things you enjoy with all the responsibilities you have. Be sure to make time for joy- whether that be spending time with friends, family, and your hobbies. 


When finding a balance between your work and personal life, spending money can be easy to do. Before you buy things for your personal life or take a trip, pay your bills or loans first. This will help you budget and keep yourself from spending overboard. We know it isn’t fun but welcome to the “real world”. 

Learn New Skills 

Whether or not you land your ideal position, learn from your job. Take advantage of the opportunities provided so you can develop new skills. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, lead or take on more responsibilities. From answering the phone, taking care of clients or customers, or writing emails, these skills can help strengthen your resume as a new grad. Make the best of all your new experiences. 

If you’re taking time off from working, learn other skills you’ve put aside due to time. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There 

Putting yourself out there can be nerve-racking- but it can lead to career opportunities and friendships. You never know who knows who, and if you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone who works in your desired field.

You don’t have to have everything figured out. Life throws a lot of curveballs and you’re still growing and learning more about yourself. 

Ways To Treat Yourself Without Spending Money 

We know how tempting it can be after a long day (or even morning) to want to treat yourself. Especially as a student, it’s nice to reward yourself after studying, taking an exam, giving a presentation, or just getting through another day. Treating yourself can be costly, so here are some ways to treat yourself without spending money. 

Take A Nap 

What better way to treat yourself than by taking a nap. You must allow your body to rest so you can feel energized to attend to your tasks and continue being yourself. 

Make Tea or Coffee 

Indulge in a cup of tea or coffee and take it easy. You’re always doing something, so sip on your drink and relax. 

Hangout With Family or Friends 

Spending time with your family and friends can do so much good for your soul. With still being in a pandemic, we have to continue being careful. Stay in by kicking back, playing board games, having a movie marathon, or just enjoying being in the company of your loved ones. If you’re not able to meet in person, hang out through video chat. 

Enjoy The Outdoors 

If weather permits, enjoy the outdoors. Go on a bike ride, cruise around on your skateboard or longboard, or go for a walk. To put yourself in more ease- lay out your hammock or blanket. However, you like to enjoy the outdoors, treat yourself to it. 


Even exercising for 15-30 minutes can help you feel refreshed. Get a quick workout in your day by going to the gym, doing a workout video in your room, playing sports, or going for a walk.  

Read A Book 

Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read and treat yourself to a couple of chapters or even finish the whole book. 

Write-In Your Journal 

We can have so many things going on in our minds that it can be hard to get all our thoughts in place and feel calm. Writing in a journal can help organize your thoughts, clear your mind, and bring perspective to light. Have music in the background to help soothe you as you write in your journal. 

Watch A Show or Movie 

It’s a treat to chill out to your favorite show or movie. For some, it can be hard to find time to catch up on shows or movies, but when you’re able to, sit back and enjoy the show.

(Yes, it can cost to watch a show or movie, but if you already have a subscription to a streaming site this applies to you.) 


We know cleaning isn’t a treat for everyone, but for some it is. Getting rid of things, organizing belongings, and finding items you lost can feel good and productive at the same time. 

Do Nothing 

Sometimes all we have energy for is to simply do nothing- and that is okay. Don’t feel guilty for not doing anything because you are doing something- you’re giving yourself time to relax and unwind. 

Remember to take care of yourself and understand the importance of it. If you keep going without taking time to treat yourself, you’ll burn out and miss the joys of life. Engage in acts of self-care that also don’t require you to spend money. 

Finish The School Year Strong

With summer around the corner, it can be hard to stay motivated before finals when the sun it out and all you want to do is ditch the books and have fun. We’ve put together a couple of reminders for finals week. You have come so far this school year, so finish the school year strong! 

Pay Attention in Class 

Paying attention in class is going to make studying much easier. Your professors will tell you what to expect on your final exam and give other details that will be useful to you. Take notes on what you need to remember and what time your exam will be. Sometimes exam times change, so make sure you’re paying attention in class so you aren’t late or miss your test. 

Make A Study Plan

We always share this tip because making a study plan is a key to staying on top of your exams, staying organized, and being successful during finals week. Know which exams will be the most challenging for you and which ones you feel more confident taking. This will give you a layout of what to invest more of your time studying. If you study better in a group, find a time, and place where everyone can meet and stay focused. 

Go Over Past Assignments, Exams, & Quizzes  

After you narrowed down which of your classes need the most attention, gather up your past assignments and exams to see which chapters or subjects you need to improve in. Go over past quizzes and look over your notes to give 

Don’t Skip Meals

It’s hard to focus on an empty stomach, so make sure to keep food in your room or bag. Don’t skip meals, stay hydrated, and make sure to grab enough food every time you’re at the dining commons.  

Get Vitamin D 

Get up from your desk and spend some time under the sun. It’ll help your mental health, boost your energy, and improve your overall health.  

Take Care of Yourself 

Speaking of your health, please make sure you take care of yourself as you prepare for finals and during finals week. You have to make sure you’re taking care of yourself by taking breaks, eating right, and getting enough sleep. We know it can be hard with everyth

Study, pray, and keep calm- you got this!

Faces of PUC: Lanea Carver

Lanea Carver is a freshman education, liberal studies major from Antioch, CA., but used to live in Angwin. Many of her family members attended PUC, so being a student herself at PUC was always in mind. Lanea’s mother inspired her the most to come to PUC, and we could not be happier to have her as a part of our Pioneers family. 

What is your dream job? 

My dream job is to become a science and humanities teacher of all grade levels in a private, public, and Christian school. 

How does that compare to what you wanted to be when you were young? 

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a chef. I even considered going to culinary school in St. Helena. I love cooking just as much as eating.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Pioneers family? 

The environment has to be one of my favorite things about this place. The nature is beautiful and the people are so kind and welcoming. 

Where is your favorite place in the world? 

My favorite place in the world is Wallace, Idaho. It’s small and full of history, just a fun place to be with your family. My grandma lives in Kellogg, which is only 15 minutes from Wallace so when I visit her it’s a place I always go to and they have a great melodrama.

If you had to be trapped in a movie for a day, what movie would you choose?

Shrek the third

What is something you’re passionate about? 

Something that I am really passionate about is caring for others. Everyone deserves something who cares and being able to help others and make people laugh is something that I’ll always put first.

Recommend a place to go in the Bay Area on a weekend 

Probably pier 39 in San Francisco, it can be pretty chilly but they have a whole store just for socks so it’s worth it.