Ways To Treat Yourself Without Spending Money 

We know how tempting it can be after a long day (or even morning) to want to treat yourself. Especially as a student, it’s nice to reward yourself after studying, taking an exam, giving a presentation, or just getting through another day. Treating yourself can be costly, so here are some ways to treat yourself without spending money. 

Take A Nap 

What better way to treat yourself than by taking a nap. You must allow your body to rest so you can feel energized to attend to your tasks and continue being yourself. 

Make Tea or Coffee 

Indulge in a cup of tea or coffee and take it easy. You’re always doing something, so sip on your drink and relax. 

Hangout With Family or Friends 

Spending time with your family and friends can do so much good for your soul. With still being in a pandemic, we have to continue being careful. Stay in by kicking back, playing board games, having a movie marathon, or just enjoying being in the company of your loved ones. If you’re not able to meet in person, hang out through video chat. 

Enjoy The Outdoors 

If weather permits, enjoy the outdoors. Go on a bike ride, cruise around on your skateboard or longboard, or go for a walk. To put yourself in more ease- lay out your hammock or blanket. However, you like to enjoy the outdoors, treat yourself to it. 


Even exercising for 15-30 minutes can help you feel refreshed. Get a quick workout in your day by going to the gym, doing a workout video in your room, playing sports, or going for a walk.  

Read A Book 

Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read and treat yourself to a couple of chapters or even finish the whole book. 

Write-In Your Journal 

We can have so many things going on in our minds that it can be hard to get all our thoughts in place and feel calm. Writing in a journal can help organize your thoughts, clear your mind, and bring perspective to light. Have music in the background to help soothe you as you write in your journal. 

Watch A Show or Movie 

It’s a treat to chill out to your favorite show or movie. For some, it can be hard to find time to catch up on shows or movies, but when you’re able to, sit back and enjoy the show.

(Yes, it can cost to watch a show or movie, but if you already have a subscription to a streaming site this applies to you.) 


We know cleaning isn’t a treat for everyone, but for some it is. Getting rid of things, organizing belongings, and finding items you lost can feel good and productive at the same time. 

Do Nothing 

Sometimes all we have energy for is to simply do nothing- and that is okay. Don’t feel guilty for not doing anything because you are doing something- you’re giving yourself time to relax and unwind. 

Remember to take care of yourself and understand the importance of it. If you keep going without taking time to treat yourself, you’ll burn out and miss the joys of life. Engage in acts of self-care that also don’t require you to spend money. 

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