#FacultyFriday: Meet William Logan

Meet William “Willy” Logan, PUC’s newest professor in the department of history. Willy’s interest in technology through history pairs well with his understanding of engineering to bring a unique perspective to the history courses he will be teaching here at PUC. Welcome to the hill, Willy!

Name: William “Willy” Logan
Title: Assistant Professor of History
Email: wlogan@puc.edu
Faculty since: 2018

Fall Quarter Classes: History of the United States II; Medieval Europe; Seminar in European History (this quarter’s topic: Technology in Europe from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century).

Education: B.S. in engineering (concentration in mechanical engineering), Walla Walla University; Ph.D. in history of technology from Auburn University

You just arrived at PUC in August. What were you doing before that?

I was actually in Walla Walla, doing some adjunct teaching at the university for its history, technology, and engineering departments. I was also serving as a freshman mentor at the university, and substitute teaching for the public school district there. Before Walla Walla, I had been working for a study abroad program in Jaipur, in western India.

So what brought you to PUC?

I decided to come teach here because I wanted to serve a diverse, inclusive student population and be able to more fully integrate faith and teaching than I could at a secular institution.

What inspired you to become a teacher in the first place?

As should be obvious from my mismatched degrees, I didn’t always intend to become a historian. I had always loved history, but I wanted to be an engineer and work for NASA or an aerospace firm, and then maybe someday down the road make the transition to writing books about history. It was late in my college career that it occurred to me that I would be happier if I skipped the middle step and went straight to grad school to study for a Ph.D. in history.

As a newbie to PUC, tell us something that has surprised you about this place.

I heard about PUC all my life because my mom and several uncles are alumni, but nobody ever told me the college is on top of a mountain. When I came here to interview, I got to the Napa Valley after dark because my flight was delayed. I was surprised when Deer Park Road started going up and up and up, and I wondered: Where am I going?! That was pretty surprising!

What are some of your hobbies and pastimes?

I like hiking, riding my bike, cooking, exploring cities, sketching, and taking pictures with some antique film cameras I own.

All right, what is something others may be surprised to learn about you?

I spent three years of my life in India, and I speak Hindi.

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  1. Wayne A Mathe

    Interesting story about learning the geography of Angwin. Apparently that has been happening for many, many years. My mother came to PUC in the late 1930’s from Alhambra(L.A. area). She was 100% a city girl so her first trip to Angwin was a bit perplexing. As I remember her telling the story she also used the phrase “Where am I going?” or “Where are you taking me?”. I’m glad PUC is on a mountaintop.


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