Middle School Students Learn & Have Fun at PacificQuest

Pacific Union College held its annual PacificQuest program on June 23-28, welcoming high-achieving middle school students to campus for five days of learning and fun. The program is designed to provide gifted students with the opportunity to explore college-level courses and encourage them to pursue a college education. 

This summer, PacificQuest offered students three exciting hands-on classes: Chemistry, taught by Dr. Kent Davis, chair of the department of chemistry, which explored the idea that properties of matter are a consequence of the three-dimensional shapes of molecules; Computer Programming & Game Development, taught by Dr. Chantel Blackburn, associate professor of mathematics, which gave students the opportunity to learn about coding through an introduction to the computer language C#; and Technology, taught by Professor David Bell, chair of the department of business, which delved into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

PacificQuest welcomed students from all over the West Coast, including Canada, and one student came as far as France! Outside of classes, there was a talent show and a quiz bowl, with plenty of free time at the gym where students played basketball and volleyball. 

Let’s hear from the students themselves about their experience at PacificQuest last week!

What did you like the most about going to PacificQuest?

“We could learn and have fun with others.” — Nathanael A., Angwin, Calif.

“I really just liked the general dynamics of the whole group and how we all can just enjoy everything as friends.” — Kyle S., Bishop, Calif.

“I liked getting to know others and I loved walking around the beautiful campus.” — Shania M., San Diego, Calif.

“I liked the opportunity to connect with friends and counselors and finding who I am supposed to be.” — Cambria H., Angwin, Calif. 

“I liked the night programs outside of classes and the opportunity to find new class interests.” — Mhina C., Los Angeles, Calif.

“I liked hanging out with my friends and making memories with them.” — Sabrina Y., Napa, Calif.

“I was really happy to meet new people and learn in a Christian environment.” — Reagan G., Arroyo Grande, Calif.

“Everything! PQ was great!” — Georgia B., Sequim, Wash.

What was your favorite class?

“I liked them all but I think my favorite was chemistry.” — Kyle S., Bishop, Calif.

“My favorite class was chemistry because of how interesting it was learning about molecules.” — Chet G., Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

“The computer classes and chemistry experiments.” — Mike H., Houston, Texas

What was your favorite thing outside of classes during the week?

“Learning about others and talking to people.” — Nathanael A., Angwin, Calif.

“I liked meeting new people and the talent show.” — Grady S., Bishop, Calif.

“End of the day activities, rec and free time, basically just us being us.” — Cambria H., Angwin, Calif. 

Tell us something really interesting you learned at PacificQuest.

“I learned the structure of atoms.” — Nathanael A., Angwin, Calif.

“I learned that something called quantum numbers exist.” — Nathan S., Modesto, Calif.

“I learned about valence electrons and ions.” — Cambria H., Angwin, Calif. 

“There is an artificially intelligent robot that can balance on two wheels.” — Kyle S., Bishop, Calif.

“How to do experiments.” — Mhina C., Los Angeles, Calif.

“I learned how to program minesweeper.” — Grady S., Bishop, Calif.

“I liked learning how to read the periodic table.” — Sabrina Y., Napa, Calif.

“I learned more about valence electrons and the periodic table.” — Reagan G., Arroyo Grande, Calif.

Learn more about PacificQuest at puc.edu/pacificquest. Course information and the application for 2020 will be available later this year. Questions? Contact Professor Aimee Wyrick, chair of the department of biology and PacificQuest academic director, at pacificquest@puc.edu

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