10 Excellent Writing Tips

Not everyone is a natural writer. For some, it is actually very difficult to get thoughts onto paper, or in most cases, a computer. Sadly, you’re expected to write quite a bit as a college student. Lucky for you writing is my thing and I’m here to offer you some essay writing tips! 

Bonus: knowing how to write well will come in handy in nearly every profession you choose! 

Don’t Procrastinate 

First off, make sure you check your syllabi for essay deadlines. Then, don’t procrastinate! Professors can tell if you wrote your essay last minute. Start planning in advance so you can take your time. 

Carefully Read Directions 

Read the directions! Some students just jump straight into what they think they have to write about. Make sure you know exactly what is being asked of you before you begin. Some professors even require students to schedule an essay conference for approval. Don’t miss points because you didn’t read carefully. 

Make an Outline 

Writing can be daunting and leave you staring at a blank screen trying to figure out how to even begin. Well, my suggestion is to start with an outline. Making an outline will help you organize your thoughts and remember the great ideas you had. Outlining also helps with the flow of an essay. 

Have a Thesis 

Each essay has a point and it’s important to make that clear in your writing. Writing a thesis will help you remember what the main point of your essay is about and how you’ll go about framing your paper. 

Have a Hook 

You want to make sure you capture your reader’s attention by having an interesting hook in your introduction. You want to draw your reader’s interest while also introducing your topic. 

Have a Strong Conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize your main ideas and give a final perspective to your essay. Write strong sentences that leave your readers captivated by your essay. 

Cite Your Sources

This is a really simple tip; don’t forget to cite your sources. 

Don’t Submit Your First Draft

Don’t submit your first draft. It’s always good to read over your essay to make sure your sentences make sense, your paragraphs are in order, and you clearly made your point. You never want to submit something unfinished. 

Use Grammarly

Grammarly is a great resource for all kinds of writing. Grammarly quickly shows you simple spelling, grammar, and structure errors. It’s free and can be installed on your computer! 

Ask For Feedback 

Even if your professor doesn’t require a conference, you can still ask for some feedback. Most professors are more than happy to read over your essay or your outline and offer advice and guidance. It’s also a great opportunity to build a relationship and show them you’re serious about your education. 

As a PUC student, you have tons of resources when it comes to bettering yourself academically. If these tips don’t feel like enough, or you just want some one-on-one assistance, head over to our Teaching & Learning Center for one of their writing labs! 


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