Shelter-In-Place Weekend Activities

By: Ally Romanes

Hey everyone, it’s Ally! I, like you, suddenly find myself at home spending a lot of time sitting around. School is online, my go-to-entertainment (sports games) aren’t on, and I’m not being able to hang out with friends in person. We are living in ‘unprecedented times’ as we keep hearing, where we are literally being begged to stay indoors. Have you been trying to figure out how to pass time or how to stay occupied during self-isolation? Here are some things you can do to make your weekends more interesting at home.

Facetime Friends & Family 

Check-up on your friends and family to make sure they’re doing well. Seeing the faces of those we love can make it seem like we’re right there with each other. So thankful for technology!

Complete A Puzzle 

What could be more time-consuming than working on a puzzle? The more pieces, the better!

Catch-Up On Movies & Shows

Thankfully we have streaming sites to get us through. All those long movies or shows you said you’d watch later, well later is now. Spend your weekends checking off movies and shows from your list.

Need ideas on what to watch? Look-up movies and shows that have won awards or ask your friends for recommendations.

Throw A Netflix Party 

Have a Netflix Party with your friends. Since you can’t be together in the dorm or your friend’s homes, Netflix Party lets everyone synchronize the movie or show you’re watching. Tell your friends, set a time, and enjoy a Netflix Party!


You not only need to check-in on your friends and family, but you also need to check-in on yourself. Treat yourself by indulging in dessert or having a spa night. Of course, both can include watching a show or movie.

Get Fresh Air 

We are all aware we shouldn’t be going out, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting some fresh air. It’s perfectly ok to take a walk, run, or bike ride around your neighborhood. Don’t coop yourself inside all day. Go outside and get some fresh air.

Play Board Games 

Dig out your board games from the back of the closet and relive your childhood. Want to play games with your family and friends from afar? Download the app Houseparty where you can play games with whoever you want, no matter how far.

Finally Read That Book 

If you have a book you’ve been meaning to read but never got the chance too, now is the time. Stop avoiding that book. Dust it off and start reading!

Clean & Organize

This may not be fun for some, but it’s a task many procrastinate on. Go through your clothes and other things, and get rid of what you don’t need or want. Doing some cleaning will help you stay productive and will also help you get rid of stuff. You got this!

Learn A New Skill 

Ever wanted to learn how to cook or draw? Google some recipes and see what you can with the ingredients you have at home. YouTube drawing tutorials to learn the skill of sketching and drawing. What better time to learn a new skill than now.

Bake Those Goods 

Pass the time while getting messy in the kitchen as you make cookies, brownies, or even a cake. The work will be worth it once your baked goods are done and you can enjoy your dessert!

Do At-Home Workouts 

You may not have all the equipment you need to work out, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a workout in. Common household items like a gallon of water or a backpack full of books can help you with your workout.

If you need at-home workout ideas, go to Google. There are endless articles and videos online.

Have A Zoom Party 

Do you or your friends have birthdays coming up? Bring your snacks and have a Zoom party with your friends.

Update Your Resume or Portfolio

It may not be the best time to find a job, but it shouldn’t stop you from updating your resume. You’ll be saving yourself time for when you actually need to apply for a job.

Go Through Your Photos 

Do you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos on your phone? Go through them and see which photos you want to keep. I’m sure you have some old screenshots you don’t need anymore that are just taking up space on your phone.

Make A List of Post-Isolation Activities

On the first day of self-isolation, I already started making a list of places I wanted to go once I could. I wrote down restaurants I couldn’t wait to indulge in again, the places I missed going too, and replanned the trips I was supposed to take this year.


After a week of school and work, you deserve to nap on the weekends. Spend your weekend relaxing in bed to recharge for a new day.

It may be hard staying home all day, every day, but hopefully, some of these ideas will keep you occupied.


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