Staying Healthy & Fit At PUC 

Going to college and starting a new school year can be an overwhelming change for a lot of students. It can be difficult to incorporate a healthy lifestyle when you’re busy and feel that you don’t have enough time to have a proper meal or exercise. Here at PUC, we encourage an active and healthy lifestyle by giving our students the resources and opportunities they need to live a good lifestyle. Here are ways to stay healthy and fit at PUC.  

Change Your Eating Habits 

College comes with the freedom of choosing when and what to eat. Our dining commons serve locally grown fruits and vegetables and offer healthy dishes for each meal. If you’re tempted by candy or junk food, opt for healthier options. The dining commons is stocked with chips, ice cream, and candy, so we’re not saying to cut out sugar completely but to have a good balance.

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Utilize The Pacific Auditorium

The Pacific Auditorium is PUC’s gym, which provides a fitness center, weight room, rock climbing wall, pool, and three indoor courts for basketball, volleyball, soccer, or badminton. Outside you can find the track, six tennis courts, and the soccer, football, and baseball fields. There are plenty of ways for students to workout and stay active on campus. 

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Move Through The Back 40 

The back 40 is made up of over 30 miles of trails for everyone to enjoy the outdoors by hiking, biking, running, or walking. (Some students even do yoga out there to relish the fresh air and peaceful environment.) Since PUC owns the back 40, it’s great for our students to live on a campus with such a vast backyard that not only benefits their physical health but also their mental health. 

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Use The Dorm Gyms 

The dorms also have workout rooms for residents to use. Exercise equipment such as treadmills, multi-functional trainers, and weights are provided. Students like having workout rooms in their dorms because it allows them to just go down the hall or stairs to add a workout early in the morning or between classes. 

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Join Intramurals 

Intramurals are a great way to exercise while also having fun with friends. Sports such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and badminton are offered throughout the school year for students to get a range of options to choose from. 

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Walk, Don’t Drive 

Every student has had that moment waking up for class and dreading to walk to class early in the morning. The temptation to drive instead of walk to class is real, especially when it’s chilly out. We know the struggle, but don’t waste your gas driving to class. Save money and walk to class instead. 

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Embrace The Stairs

Embrace the stairs around campus. Your legs will feel stronger by taking the stairs and getting a cardio workout every day. If you have time, take the long way to class to get more steps in and take in our beautiful campus. Sometimes there’s no way to avoid them, so embrace the stairs. 

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Enjoy Linda Falls

Just down the road from the main campus is Linda Falls- a favorite spot for many students. Students don’t have to go far to embark the outdoors when we have trails nearby and a pretty waterfall to enjoy.

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Go Beyond Campus

When students feel like venturing beyond campus, some places they go to are Mount St. Helena, Mount Tamalpais, and Moore Creek State Park. With these places not far from campus, students are able to venture out by foot or wheels to get a good workout in while enjoying delightful views. 

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Have A Good Attitude

Your attitude makes a big difference in how you see yourself and being consistent with your health goals. With school, work, and personal life taking most of your time, it’s normal to have no energy after a long day to exercise. Looking forward to adding a workout in your day or having one of your favorite healthy meals changes your attitude and can get you excited to continue reaching your health goals. 

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