Random & Not So Random Winter Break Activities  

Winter break is finally here! As you enjoy taking a much-needed break from school, we made a list of random and not-so-random winter break activities you might be interested in doing. 

Chill out – You deserve to chill out this break! You work hard, and school takes a lot out of you, so chill out and relax. That’s what breaks are for! 

Unsubscribe from certain emails – Let’s be real- many of us have emails we’re deleting without reading. Time to unsubscribe from those emails! 

Donate unwanted clothes – So many people need clothes, especially this time of the year. If you have clothes you don’t want or wear, we encourage you to donate them. 

Do a social media audit – Unfollow accounts that don’t inspire you or bring joy. Keep your feed positive! 

Clean up your digital files – Get rid of any papers, notes, or screenshots you don’t need anymore. 

Circle back to your hobbies – Take advantage of your break to get back to your hobbies.  

Update your resume – Did you gain new skills or work experience that aren’t on your resume? Take time this break to add them. Even if you haven’t, touch up your resume in case an opportunity presents itself to you.

Spread kindness – Do random acts of kindness each day, be kind, and spread cheer to those far and near. This time of the year isn’t so wonderful for some, so remember to spread kindness. 

Do a self-evaluation – Evaluate your year. How have you grown, and what parts of yourself can you improve? How have you been blessed this year?

Enjoy time with friends & family – There’s nothing like spending time with your family and friends, especially during the holiday season. 

Have fun this winter break! 

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