Checklist Before Arriving To PUC

With a month until school starts, make sure you have school business completed. Here is a checklist of things to get done before arriving at PUC. It’s good to take care of these things now rather than on campus, so you have less to worry about and have more time for other things. 

Complete Financial Aid

In order to register for classes and start dorm plans, you must pay the $200 enrollment fee. You can pay online or by calling our finance office at 707-965-7200. From there, you’ll discuss your financial aid with your financial counselor and complete any forms needed. To contact your financial counselor, call them at (707) 965-7200 or email Make sure you have your financial plan completed before leaving for school.

Register for Classes

Once you have paid the enrollment fee, register for classes. Don’t wait until September to register! Secure your spot in those classes and register as soon as possible. If you need assistance on which classes to register for, contact your academic advisor or have your admissions counselor connect you to them. 

You can also check your program course online. If you’re undecided, don’t worry! With over 70 programs and degrees at PUC, you will find the right one for you.

Reserve Textbooks

If you’re ready to get your textbooks, you can reserve and pre-order them at PUC’s bookstore. When you pick them up, they’ll be ready for you and you won’t have to take time looking for them or being on a waitlist. 

Submit Housing Form 

Submit the housing form to reserve a dorm room. If you are planning to live off-campus, you still have to fill out a form depending on your housing situation. 

Contact Your Roommate 

After you have a room set, contact your roommate. Check-in to see what room essentials they’re bringing, so you don’t have doubles or if there’s anything you two should split. If you haven’t met your roommate, get to know them and see if you’ll be compatible to live together. 

Send Medical Forms 

Make sure to send your physical and TB forms from the last year to our health services. If you haven’t seen your doctor, make an appointment and ask them to send or print your examination forms. To contact the health services, call (707) 965-6339 or email Make sure they receive everything needed so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re on campus.

Register Your Vehicle 

If you are planning to bring a car on campus, you have to register it since all cars require a parking permit. The public safety office will need your information, such as your driver’s license, and your vehicle registration and insurance. Once this is completed, all you’ll have to do is pick up your parking sticker at their office and you’re good to go. 

Remember Your Orientation Date 

If you will be a new student this fall, orientation is September 22-25. You will begin your PUC experience by learning the ins and outs of campus, meeting people, and settling into your dorm room. Our orientation team will assist you with anything you need help with and have activities planned. You’re going to have a lot of fun! 

Come With An Open Mind 

If you’re nervous about starting college, that’s totally normal! You will soon begin this next chapter in your life, and college is filled with possibilities. There are so many things to do, see, and learn at PUC, so come with an open mind. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we can’t wait to see you at PUC!

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