Staying Fit in College

Everyone’s heard of the dreaded “Freshman 15”. You begin college and suddenly you gain 15 pounds and find yourself in dire need of cash for some new jeans. Now, as a poor college student, that’s not ideal so let’s skip the extra pounds and empty wallets by using some easy tips to stay fit!

Take the stairs
Any college you go to is going to have stairs, so, take them! Who needs to spend hours on a stairmaster when you can just choose the stairs over the elevator? If you choose to attend PUC, you’ll have the best legs around because there are a lot of stairs, which is something I didn’t always appreciate but now miss as I run every night in a Fitness Center.

Leave your car and walk
I know the thought of getting up 10 minutes earlier and walking to class sounds rough, especially when you have a perfectly good car parked outside your dorm and it might even be cold! But ditch your car and walk to class. It’ll save you gas money AND help keep you fit!

Go for the healthy cafe options
Starting college offers most students a new experience – eating whatever you want, whenever you want! The thought of unlimited ice cream, donuts and chips can be very enticing but try opting for the healthier options (at least some of the time). Like many colleges these days, PUC’s Dining Commons offers healthy and locally grown options so instead of grabbing a bag of chips on the run, have a salad or some fruit instead. And remember, no one said you couldn’t have a cheat day now and then!

Avoid the post-workout burrito
You’ve just finished a great 60 minute workout in the school’s Fitness Center and you’re feeling hungry, so you run to the cafe and have the famous Burrito Lady make you a giant world class burrito. You are now officially a PUC student! I know this sounds like an epic night but don’t do it. As good as those burritos are, you’ve now just undone all your hard work. Avoid the post-workout binge!

Join an intramural team
As you’ve read in our “Fire It Up!” post, PUC’s intramural program is second to none! Not only is this a fantastic way to meet friends and get involved but it is the best way I can think of to stay fit. No endless running on a treadmill or around and around a track!

Take full advantage of the back 40
Any college you choose is going to have places nearby to run or walk but not all places are going to be like PUC, which has over 30 miles of hiking, biking and running trails. Take full advantage of the beautiful property and get outside and explore! Run or walk along the Angwin Airport, visit one of the two observatories or take off on the trails for the afternoon. And if you ask nicely, I might even let you take this little face for a walk! (I just really want people to walk my dog.)


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