A Student’s Perspective on Transferring to PUC

Choosing a college is a big decision but deciding you need a change and transferring to a different college may be even bigger! While it can be an incredibly daunting thought, you’re not alone. Each quarter PUC has many students transfer in, and our college staff is happy to help students throughout the process.

Below, Abigail Daniliuc, a biology pre-dentistry student who transferred from CSU Sacramento, shares her experience about transitioning to PUC.

What made you decide to transfer to PUC?

I came to PUC because I wanted to be in a Christian environment, experience living in a dorm, and complete my upper division science classes in a smaller classroom setting where professors were accessible not only during their office hours, but also after hours, like on the weekends. I enjoy the close knit family I have created here at PUC that fosters not only my spiritual growth through gatherings like department pre-vespers but academic growth as well. We are likeminded and have the common goal of going to dental school, preferably at Loma Linda. The scenery here at PUC is also relaxing and I love being surrounded by mountains and vineyards.

How was the transfer process for you?

I was lucky enough to have Dr. Wyrick from the department of biology and Mrs. Igdaly Patel in the Enrollment Services office help me during the transfer process. I decided to come to PUC last minute during the holidays and was able to communicate with them both effortlessly. They gave me suggestions in regards to what classes I should take, what clubs to be apart of, and what dorm would be better suited for me to live in. I feel blessed because of how accessible the faculty and staff are here at PUC.

What advice would you give someone considering transferring to PUC?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions because everyone is very kind and will help you with whatever they can. I wish I visited during Transfer Days because I could have experienced PUC firsthand. However, I had a private tour of the campus before I transferred here and that helped me to feel more comfortable once I began.

So far, what’s been your favorite part about being a student at PUC?

It’s my third quarter at PUC and I’m reminded the mornings are my favorite here. I live in McReynold’s Hall and love how quiet it is. I also love walking to class in the morning and seeing the campus from a bird’s eye view. Lastly, I really enjoy my classes, mainly because of the small class sizes and Christ-centered environment. We always pray before we start lectures and before taking tests. It helps to set my intention for the day and keeps me grounded and aware that me transferring to PUC was meant to happen. I hope you can tell I’m very happy to be here!

Editor’s note: We invite you to our campus to experience PUC for yourself. To schedule your visit, register online or call (800) 862-7080, option 2.

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