Get to Know PUC’s Health Services Clinic

Did you know PUC has a free* health clinic available to students? It’s true! Health Services is located on the lower level of the Education building past the Student Finance office, and provides students with a wide array of services, including appointments with a physician, physician’s assistant, or a nurse, along with medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), medical supplies, and diagnostic in-clinic testing. (See the services provided page for more information about the types of care offered.) The Health Services clinic strives to be a welcoming professional place offering the highest quality of care possible, and wants your experience here at PUC to be a happy and healthy one! We are so thankful to have the clinic on our campus to provide our students with excellent care when they need it.

Health Services is open Monday-Thursday from 9-4 p.m. and Friday from 9-12 noon. Anytime the office is closed (evenings, weekends, or school breaks) students can reach an on-call nurse 24/7, which is also a free service. In the event the clinic does not have the resources needed to assist you (such as an x-ray), Health Services will assist you in obtaining an affordable outside service. In these instances, your insurance will be used to cover the cost of any outside services utilized, and your paperwork and follow-up care will be handled by Health Services.

During business hours, you can reach the clinic by calling (707) 965-6339. Appointments with a physician or a physician’s assistant are by appointment, while walk-ins are always welcome to see the nurses on duty. After hours, to reach an on-call nurse, call the answering service at (707) 965-6789. You can also email if the matter doesn’t require immediate attention. Need help deciding what qualifies as an emergency, and what doesn’t? See the “What is an emergency?” page to learn more.

For new students, there are several items you are required to show proof of that Health Services needs to have on file for you, including the following: the Health Information form; a tuberculosis skin test within the last year; a record of childhood immunizations; and either enrollment in or waiving out of the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan. See the registration requirements page for more information.

The Health Information form is a four-page document that must be completed before your arrival on campus. You will need to make an appointment with your physician to have a physical examination and they will need to complete most of the form. You can also schedule your TB test to be at this time if needed. You can attach your immunization record to the Health Information form along with the results of your TB test and submit all documents to Health Services.

All students taking six units or more are required to carry their own insurance coverage. For students who are under-covered or don’t have an existing policy, the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan is available and will automatically be purchased for them. If you have adequate coverage, you are required to waive out of the Aetna plan by midnight 10/6/18, otherwise, the plan will be purchased for you. Visit the Aetna Student Health website for more information and to start the enrollment or waiver process now.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the clinic if you have any questions about the registration requirements for new students; call (707) 965-6339 or email Once you arrive on campus, please stop by to meet these very special individuals here to serve you!

*Currently there is no charge for being seen by the nurses in the clinic but some visits may incur a nominal fee for supplies and/or medications. You will be made aware of any charges at the time of your visit. Please refer to our website for more details.

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