Unite With The Black Student Union: A Conversation With BSU President, Christianne Andrianarijaona

The Black Student Union is a club that invites people of all races to be present, serve and seek, and unite under one roof, especially after COVID. Christianne Andrianarijaona is this year’s Black Student Union president, and is making sure BSU is recognized as an all-inclusive club and spreading the word that they exist on campus. Through their events, her and the rest of the team want to build a stronger community that will serve as a backbone and a source of inclusivity for everyone. 

What inspired you to run for president? What are your goals for BSU this year?

I originally ran for Social Vice President, but the previous officers nominated me for president. So, I did not get that position because I ran for it, I was actually avoiding it. Our goal for BSU this year, in particular, is to be recognized as an all-inclusive club. Another main goal we have is increasing the amount of events we have in order to spread the word that there is a Black Student Union club on campus.

What are you and BSU members talking about, concerned with, and focusing on this year? 

We’re talking about more events and seeing how we can advertise that it’s for anyone because we’re concerned about certain people being afraid to join because they’re not considered black. We’re really focused on trying to reach people and invite others to gatherings in order to build a stronger community.

What is the most urgent issue, or issues, for the club to spread awareness about?

Right now, honestly, it’s not what people might think. We’re not necessarily here to only teach and educate others about our history so that others may gain a better understanding. It’s more so inviting people into our cultures and creating a home for those who may feel homesick. 

How will BSU help these issues?

We’re going to be holding events that will serve as a backbone and a source of inclusivity for everyone. We also want to spread awareness that the club is existent so that people can bring their ideas to us and we can incorporate these ideas into our events.

What activities do you have planned, or hope to do this year?

We have a couple Pre-Vespers planned as well as a sort of potluck, too. We also plan on working with a couple departments for some serving opportunities through the church, while also sponsoring some PUC Church Services. We also wanted to hold a barbecue in the Spring, too. Another event that we’re hoping to do this year is a Black Excellence Gala. Everyone is invited, so we’re going to try to spread the word. 

Are there any new projects or initiatives the PUC community can look forward to seeing from BSU soon? 

We plan on being pretty involved and present when it comes to athletic sports games. We also plan on working with the Food Pantry in February as well as working with the PUC Church within its services.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of BSU? 

I think being outgoing and reaching out to others is my favorite thing about being part of BSU. It’s really warming and entertaining seeing everyone’s reactions along with their responses.

What is important for the PUC community to know about BSU? 

The PUC Community should know that BSU is for everyone and anyone to join! It’s not limited to anyone. We’re here to represent, and if you can do that with character, then you’re in.

What do you want future students who are interested in joining BSU to know about?

BSU would love for them to be a part of the experience in our time of growth. We want them to know that they are the future and that BSU’s nature lies within their reach. We want them to know that the club will not be able to prosper without people like them, and we invite them to be a part of the journey that will get us to our end goal of Being present, Serving and seeking, and Uniting under one roof. It’s up to them to decide now!

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