“Being an RA Means To Me Is Being A Disciple of Jesus”

BevenGreg Delos Reyes is going into his third year of being an RA and is the student dean of Newton Hall. He is a senior from Sacramento, majoring in health communication/pre-pharmacy, who describes that being an RA “is that it is a lifestyle”. From the start of his freshman year at PUC, his RAs left a lasting impression that made him see himself filling that role one day. Beven generously took the time to share with us what being an RA and student dean means to him. 

Tell us about being a RA. What motivated you to be an RA?

The best way for me to describe being an RA is that it is a lifestyle. It’s more than just doing room checks or hosting worship for residents. You have to work long nights and go the extra mile in order to serve others. I had such great RAs (shoutout to Michael C., Jonathan S., and Jacob E.) my freshman year coming into Pacific Union College, and I looked forward to those nightly interactions at room check. They always went the extra mile to greet me and make sure my first year at PUC was going smoothly. This left a lasting impression. I saw myself filling in that role one day, and what a privilege it has been being part of the ministry that is being a dorm resident assistant.

How many years have you been a RA? What values have you learned by being an RA?

I’m going into my 3rd year of being an RA. I’ve learned the values of service, hard work, love, and integrity. From room checks to dorm worships, there is an RA team dedicated to Christian service, and being a part of that is such a great experience. Being an RA means continually learning new things! I’ve learned different life lessons through my interactions with Dean Granados, Dean Hidalgo, my fellow RAs, and my residents.

How do you balance school and work?

It’s all about time management and asking around for help! When it comes to school, I have to organize blocks of time to study/do homework, and I have to make sure to stay disciplined enough to stick to it. One thing Dean Granados and Dean Hidalgo emphasize at RA meetings is taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. It’s challenging being able to work as an RA when there are so many burdens in your academic and personal life. There are periods in life when you can’t catch a break. This is where asking for help comes in! Whether it’s praying to God for strength and wisdom or going to the deans/other RAs to help lighten a load of work responsibilities, leaning on my support system has helped me keep my life balanced. Staying disciplined and not being afraid to ask for help has saved me countless times as an RA!

Can you share with us the most challenging thing about being an RA? What do you enjoy the most about your job?

The challenging part of being an RA is having to work on the fly! The most enjoyable part about the job is being able to work on the fly! Dorm life is unpredictable. Residents come to you looking for help in a number of ways, and you have to be able to serve them to the best of your abilities. It could be that they need some extra insight on what classes to take, they need to borrow a vacuum, or they’re wanting to get involved in dorm worship. It’s a lot of fun and it’s fulfilling being the person that others look to for advice and help.

How do you incorporate spiritual life with your residents?

I’m always trying to think of spiritual events that can reach the needs and interests of my residents. For example, last year, I started a dorm ministry called “10@10” where every night at 10 pm, residents can meet in the Newton Hall men’s chapel for a 10-minute devotional. The worship includes music, devotional thought, discussion, and group prayer. This is a time for a group of guys to be vulnerable and look at life from a spiritual perspective. I’ve experienced my residents getting more involved in the worship scene as well as starting their own relationship with God through the ministry of 10@10!

How do you build a community in your hall and with other residents?

The best feeling is when your residents express how proud they are of the hall they live in. Introducing my residents to each other by inviting them to a particular room to play video games or watch anime is always a great icebreaker. At the end of the quarter, it was a common occurrence to find all the residents on my floor in the same 1 or 2 rooms playing video games, jamming out, watching movies, having a midnight snack together, or just hanging out.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a RA?

Be ready to dedicate your life to a life of Christian service! If you want to become an RA, you have to have excellent integrity that you can be proud of. This means picking up the slightest amount of trash on the floor, reaching out to struggling new students, and just going the extra mile to see where you could meet the needs of others.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Pioneers family?

My favorite thing about being a part of the Pioneers family is how supportive everyone is! I’ve seen Newton dorm worship grow from 20 attendees to 190 attendees just by reaching out to anyone I passed by! If you invite people to come to your intramural game, dorm worship, or club event, they’ll come out to support it. Sometimes, they might even want

to participate and be part of the event! The school spirit is strong with the Pioneers, and it really bonds everyone together.

What does being an RA mean to you?

What being an RA means to me is being a disciple of Jesus. Every interaction I make at room check or in my daily life is an opportunity to show God’s love. Being an RA is about being ready to physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally support all the different people you meet. Wherever you go, you’re representing your dorm, your deans, your RA team, and PUC. This can happen through building friendships or being a friendly face wherever you go!

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