Albion: Prettier Than Any Postcard

By Catherine Villa

The Albion Retreat and Learning Center, located only a few minutes away from the picturesque Mendocino Beach, is considered PUC’s second campus. Retreats at Albion offer many opportunities for students to create new experiences and find joy in the wilderness surrounding them. Whether it is for a biology field trip, a team-building retreat for dorm workers, or a weekend getaway for one of the many on-campus clubs, Albion is a place PUC students can go and let the stress of “real life” slip away.


The Albion campus is full of activities for anyone interested in spending time in nature. Whether you choose to take one of the many hiking trails or go canoeing up the Albion River, the environment has a host of things to enjoy. The field lab, equipped with many educational resources, also has a recreational room stocked with a ping-pong table and television for any relaxing needs. After a long day, students can gather around the fire pit to sing songs and make s’mores.

Photo credit: Brennan Puiia

Photo credit: Brennan Puiia

There are many different events Albion hosts for PUC. The department of biology often sends their classes and extracurricular clubs to its campus to obtain an up-close-and-personal experience studying what their textbooks tell them about. This year, both the Business Club and the Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) Club arranged for students to visit the retreat and learning center to experience the wonder of Albion for themselves.

The next time you see an opportunity for a trip to Albion, you make sure to jump aboard!

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